The orange eye in the sky

It’s the day after Halloween and ironically, my parents’ wedding anniversary and someone must have drugged me because I fell into a deep sleep and I was struggling so hard to wake up. Maybe this is how Sleeping Beauty felt the entire time she was waiting for someone to wake her up. Oh, and I found this unpublished post dated 22 Oct around 2ish am:

So I looked really fancy and well-groomed today. I want to add I smell fabulously delicious too but then again, I always do.

I am SO FREAKING PUMPED UP about the good vibes I am getting and the freedom from deadlines I am enjoying that I am typing as fast as I can now before my thoughts jumble up and escape me.

Some highlights of my awesome day:

Saw a salted egg yolk hanging in the hazy sky this morning on my way to the usual bus stop I walk to for work and smacked my lips, thinking: “Salted egg yolks are delicious.” I then caught myself licking my lips. Which was quite embarrassing because there were other morning commuters walking by.

I am much better looking than that eye in LOTR

Finished my work for the day which means I have the weekend to mull over the week that was. (Usually, this means I will sleep but I have issues to think about.)

Wonderful dinner! There was seafood fried rice (I really love rice), fried pork chop in onions and tomato sauce, deep fried pork cubes and two types of leafy green vegetables. Ok, I am beginning to sense that I am enamoured by fried stuff. Or pork.

Hot lemongrass tea with honey. Seriously. You have to try it. Sweet refreshing awesomeness in one cup. And I had two!

If you can tell me a better way to spend a really late Thursday night than having a great time out with mates at a cozy joint until your eyes are closing but the conversation is too good not to continue and then going home and climbing into a big comfortable bed with damp hair and smelling yummy all over while reading the day’s news, I don’t want to know about it.