Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

Before you carry on reading this letter, please do me a favour and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, this is important. For the love of ourselves, just do it and stop giving me that “raised eyebrow” look.


If you have managed to retain your youthful good looks after the last couple of years, you’re welcome. After all, I had invested quite a bit in an expensive facial regime five years ago – starting from those branded facial products and regular treatments. Not smoking anymore was another brilliant idea. So is purchasing that gym membership, which should have been keeping you lean and fit ( if you have been attending classes religiously).

If you look a bit rough around the edges now, what the hell?!

Please tell me you’re at least fabulously wealthy. If not, you better step up on it. Your PCI (perceived cuteness index) has been declining since 2010 and this is SO not the time to procrastinate on maintaining our good looks. We depend on our looks to succeed in the line of work we do! Like duh.

Also, I am sorry for inflicting you with short curly hair in 2010. This hairstyle has managed to split opinions right down into two camps – It’s horrible and you should fire your hairstylist – and – It’s so nice and you look good with this refreshing change. Well, needless to say, there are more vocal members in the first camp.

I have been trying to avoid getting caught in photos so there won’t be any lasting memories of this tragic incident. I will not be impulsive and think I can pull any hairstyle off again. But you have to admit, this hair does look good at times but only when I am alone with no one to verify its awesomeness. Sadface.

Listen, you’re not crazy. Yes, you think way too much at times and yes, you should probably go run it off or talk to someone. Or go out more often and take many short breaks. There is only so much you can do all by yourself.

Trust me, I know what you’re going through right now. I am currently swamped with work. UP to my neck, no, MY HEAD, I swear. I can’t even see the distant light in the tunnel. The last three months have been rough on me, I’m sure you’d remember.

I just sent the freelancer an email filled with a certain amount of angst and dejectedness because I can’t believe someone can be that daft. I have six interviews to transcribe. I have 20 pages left in the print magazine to fill by myself before 16 November. I have at least 18 online stories to write for next week. I have over 100 profiles to proof read before next week as well and I rather write a letter to you. This is the level of procrastination I am facing.

How I wish to get away and run to somewhere cool and sit outside a cafe, drinking hot chocolate and people-watch. Yes, many have asked if I am on the verge of screaming and running away. I mostly reply with a smile, “Not yet, just doing one thing at a time” because I don’t think it’s nice to add on to other people’s burden or that anyone really cares. Are you still as cynical like me? Or have you become a much more approachable person?

But all in all, 2010 has been a good year for me so far.

Starting today, I have officially clocked three full years in my first job back in Singapore. I never thought I’d last so long at something. Then again, I have always been loyal or rather, steadfast in staying put when I am comfortable. If I’m correct, you have been using the same hairstylist for the last few years, hung out at the same places you have always frequented and use the same products you have always used. Rain or shine. Things or people may change. But you just don’t. Unless of course, you see something better. Hahaha!

I hope you have been taking care of your lower back, neck and shoulders. No doubt, I didn’t do you much favours by sitting 14 hours straight in front of the computer everyday the last three months. Once we get through to December, I promise to take better care and not let them turn to chronic aches. Ok, I am straightening my back now. See!

Are you a better presenter or speaker on stage now? Do you still get stage fright from facing over 600 people? You can be quite eloquent when you try. But please remember to not try to be funny. Sometimes you tend to overdo it and it makes people awkward. Wait, do you get invited to speak at events now? That would be an interesting turn of events. From statue to star!

You have always been a planner but your plans tend to fail quite spectacularly. I hope you’ve learned to take things easy. Things were hard for you the last few years and you have gotten over them now. Have faith that all good things will come to you naturally. There is no need to overplan or even think desperately about what you want. Just relax. It’s going to be smooth sailing from now.

It’s ok if things don’t turn out the way you want at times. Not everything is such a big deal. (It will always be a blessing in disguise!) It’s ok you’re getting slightly older now. (But thankfully, you’re never boring!) You still laugh a lot when you stop thinking about work. You still make many people whom you’re close to laugh. You’re still enjoyable to be with. And almost everything I wished for has come true for you.

I hope to hear from you soon, Future Me. I’m sure we will have loads to catch up on. For now, go out and have some fun. You deserve it.


Present Me