I’m on the top of the world

When it comes to post-sex cuddling for many couples, singing children’s melodies while gently patting a lover’s back is not an obvious choice that comes to mind.

But late into the evening on a lazy Saturday in a suburban part of a city still recovering from the Diwali public holiday’s hangover, a devoted lover was singing a medley of popular children songs at her lover’s request.

Who would have thought a 1970s Carpenters tune would turn up as both, with legs intertwined with one another’s on a huge comfy bed, cheerfully started singing with gusto into the cool air-conditioned air?

“I’m on the top of the world,” she sang. There was a slight pause as she struggled to remember the next line. Her lover looked up from the lazy slumber she was drifting into under the gentle kneading on her aching shoulders and carried on from there. “Looking down on creation, and the only explanation I can find, is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around. Your love’s put me at the top of the world.”

And last weekend, the lyrics just about sum that 24 hours up. Maybe even the last six months.

How do two people stay in love and be ridiculously happy with each other? Perhaps it’s having fun when spending time together.

Lying in bed posing for random shots together and watching video clips they made together for each other over and over again that day, the lovers were laughing uncontrollably at how silly and adorable they are around each other.

They still talk about themselves, their past, their present, the future, their likes and dislikes or things they watch on TV. They still have long conversations online and over the phone about their day, sometimes during work hours or into the wee hours of the night. There is always so much to talk to each other about. They are beginning to share more of their worries, their fears, and even their secrets. They still laugh a lot, sometimes at one another, but mostly together at random things in life.

Whenever they catch each other’s eyes now, they would reach out for a kiss on the lips, instead of looking away shyly.

They would spend too much time looking at their photos, reading their emails, thinking about the days spent together and the hilarious things they would do that make them grin stupidly. Most of all, they would look forward, sometimes impatiently, to see each other.

The nights and days become precious as they find little pockets of time to spend with each other. When they part, it was still with a smile. But filled with much longing for the next time that they should meet again.

Life has remained charmingly comfortable as their lives intertwine. Spending hours at the local grocery store where everything was priced at $2 was something they both enjoy doing together. Or they would make lists of the food they want to eat and fix dates to do just that – eat. Sometimes it was desserts, sometimes, it was a local delicacy, sometimes it was a snack. Recently, it had been Sri Lankan crabs soaked in salted egg yolk gravy.

The sense of comfort they have with each other was again something hard to put a finger to. Maybe the stars really did align their thoughts long before they even knew each other.

Then one day, on a whim, she decided to send a bouquet of flowers as a surprise. They were going to see each other during the weekend and she knew it was going to be another awesome time together. She sent a note along with the flowers that said, “I E T T Y A T S A E O E V M!”

A message that still lingers true from the first time she cracked the code in someone’s diary entry, “I T E T T H A T E A S O E”.

Were two people to stay happily in love, would it be because they have found someone who make them laugh all the time, who keep them warm in bed, who enjoy sharing a meal, snacks or even secrets with them, and who are comfortable spending time together?

Is this bliss?

Because… I’m on the top of the world, baby. I hope you are too.

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