It’s amazing how Cher’s greatest hits [disc two] have been narrating my life the past one week. I would hit play the minute I walk out the door in the morning and Cher would tell me, “Where does it end?”

I don’t know, Cher. Do you know what I am going through?

“There’s no peace, you close your eyes. I’m all out of truth, I’m outta alibis.”

What would you do, Cher?

“We’re gonna love one another ’til morning comes. Seek the sweet salvation for what we’ve done. Give up resisting one by one.”

Why, Cher? Because like you, she gives a new kinda meaning to what I am and I know I could never love any other?

“One of these days you’ll understand,” she sings before getting shuffled to the next song.

Yes, I have somehow managed to link her songs to the events that have occurred to me. Maybe this has happened to you. It’s like how brokenhearted people would listen to sad love songs on repeat and think “OMG, I totally feel like that. This song gets my pain!” And they’d cry their eyes out like little girls.

Yeah yeah, whatever. But I mustn’t be mean now because I found a great song that was the story of my life late last night (more like early this morning).  I guess this makes it a much better reply than whatever I had wanted to say.

Now I hardly ever listen to Chinese pop songs because I never had time to sit down to properly understand what these Mandopop factories are churning out other than beautifully-packaged singers, who may or may not have the ability to sing at all.

Until I found this song that has been translated by one kind YouTube user, who by the looks of it, has plenty of spare time. Go on, press play. You won’t feel it now but the song will hit you hard in time to come.

I have been listening to this song on repeat by clicking play non-stop on YouTube the entire morning. I should stop now. I can feel the ache in my heart again.

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