1, 2, 3, 4

Whenever she sleeps over on a weekday, I would consciously set my alarm clock about half hour later than usual so we could sleep in for a bit.

I’d make sure she is more than comfortable when she is with me. Fetch her slippers when her shoes are off, turn the air con on immediately so she won’t be warm, make her a snack if she is hungry, get her water without her asking, cook for her at any time of the day or night, feed her during meal times, remove the crab shell for her, peel crab meat and put it in her bowl, play scissors paper stone with her, let her hit me when she wins (and hit her back but not too hard when I win), get the set of pyjamas for her, turn to her favourite channels, let her have baobei, give her the better pillows, take pimple cream for her when she throws tantrum in the middle of the night, make her eat medicine when her tummy aches, turn the air con temp lower when she is warm, turn the fan off when it gets too cold for her, cover her up when she says her legs are cold, give her my hand when she gestures for it, hold her to sleep by curling my arm around her side with my face in her hair, kiss her all over her face randomly (or to wake her up), play kokology with her, watch serious documentaries with her, lean over and smell her pyjamas, tell her she smells nice, chase her around the room, let her chase me around the room, wrestle each other until we can’t catch our breath, let my face go really close to her face so we can kiss, talk about random stuff, gossip about work, talk about (sometimes make fun of) family and friends, pause when I hear funny noises from her tummy, laugh together with her when that happens, blow bubbles on her, squeeze her cheeks, tell her how tasty I think her cheeks are, describe how I’d cook them, make her laugh with my silly pyjamas colour combination, laugh at her when she wears my emperor pyjamas, roll away in embarrassment when she says “1, 2, 3, 4”, and let her comfort me and tell me she likes my “1, 2, 3, 4”.

And in the morning, I will wake up immediately to turn the alarm off so she wouldn’t be disturbed and I can continue snoozing. (Sometimes I would keep turning the snooze alarm off and hold her until the latest possible moment.) I try to be really quiet as I get ready for work so she can sleep a little longer. When I enter the room sniffing, she will stir and offer to turn the fan off. Sometimes she’d be awake to look at me. Sometimes I am happy just looking at her sleep. I will creep into bed when I am done to surprise her with a kiss, or two or many many kisses and watch her wake up in shock struggling to open her sleepy eyes and then see her grin when she realises what is happening.

And every time, when I see her smile so blissfully, all I want to do is to lie in with her and hold her tight because I like how she fits so nicely in my arms.

I guess what I am trying to say is I want to do this everyday with her because I am so in love with her. It would be so nice if she feels and wants the same things as I do.

P/S: I’m currently wearing my emperor pyjamas with a bright red starry silky boxers. Ahem.

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