Little Lego

I spent a beautiful evening watching her build little Lego out of tiny Lego bricks that were specially bought from Hokkaido, Japan. It was part of my birthday goodie bag and I love that she enjoyed studying the instruction manual intently and sorting the coloured bricks one tiny stack at a time. They were freakishly tiny!! I was asked to time her and she clocked somewhere under 45 minutes once she fixed the last brick in.

We even had time to decide on the colour of Lego’s nose and add some festive colour to his paws since it was nearing Christmas.

We gave little Lego bigger brown ears and a longer wagging tail because that’s how Lego looks like IRL (in real life). There are even some mock dry kibbles in his food bowl.

It was a great day for toys in so many different ways.

Definitely not drawn to scale.

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