God’s gift to mankind

I’m about to share with you a snippet of a recent online conversation with one of my ex-girlfriends that still gives me great joy whenever I replay it in my head.  You’re welcome.

This one pinged me after seeing my new status which read, “I’m sorry I’m so darn perfect.” on my instant messenger.

Ex-girlfriend: So you’re little Miss Perfect now, aren’t you?

Me: Why, of course.

Ex-gf: Yeah yeah, you really think you’re God’s gift to mankind, don’t you?

Me: Oh come on, you know I am. Admit it.

Ex-gf: I refuse! You’re not!

Less than a minute later…

Ex-gf: Ok fine. I will admit it. You are God’s gift to mankind. Always have been.

Me: Hahaha! Finally.

Ex-gf: I see you haven’t lost any of that self-confidence over the years.

Me: Why should I when we both know it’s true?

Ex-gf: Hmmm… Arrogant but confident. I like.

Me: I know.

Ex-gf: So how’s life? Are you in Singapore now?

Ex-gf: You there?

And her messages echo through the hollow halls of the virtual world while I’m too busy getting a life… Aw yeah!

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