How to make money doing what you love

American screenwriter, film producer, and director Kevin Smith shares his secret on being successful in life:

Here’s the “secret” everyone always asks in regards to how I “did it” (whatever “it” is when asked). It doesn’t even take TALENT to do what I did; I’m living proof of that. All you need to do is identify what you love to do and monetize that.

If it never feels like work, it’s NOT work.

Life is mutable; the rigidity of working for someone else doesn’t allow for much flexibility. So create your own ideal universe.

That’s all I’ve been doing now for nearly 20 years.

The secret to a successful life is hardly a secret; it requires you to be 

self-centered as all fuck, is all. So long as it’s not at the expense of others, make yourself the center of your universe. You only get to do this ONCE, so try to take as much stress out of the process as you can.

Why stress out in some office wearing clothes you hate, when the REAL stress lies ahead, as we face an inescapable grave. Doubt I’m gonna go quietly into that good night, so I’ll save the stress for then.

Sadly, as far as I’ve learned, we can do NOTHING to alter death; it’s GONNA happen.

But life? We can shape & change the fuck out of life!

Via @aokarim: What if no one had wanted to pay you do what you love?

Nobody wanted to pay me not to go to my relatives when I didn’t wanna. 

Sometimes, the path isn’t direct.

S’like folks who start movie websites: they just love movies. Not sure what their end-game’s gonna be, but writing about them & hosting trailers is a start, right? For some, the end-game will be to make a film. For some, just having people read what they have to say about a subject they love is good enough. Regardless, the smart ones will always find a way to earn off it. Because 

once you’ve got a taste for working for yourself, doing what you love doing? You’ll work 10x as hard as any brick-layer or paralegal, but you’ll NEVER feel it, never recognize it.

Ignore the flock of Wah-Wahs, focus on what you love to do, and earn off it. And remember: once you get paid to do 

it, doesn’t matter whether someone thinks you’re good at it or not; opinions pay imaginary rents, kids. You get paid to do it, you’re a pro.

Via @MKillustration: But what’s the point if we’re all gonna die?

Because life should be all about making your death as easy as possible.

Via @spidermann: most don’t want to actually work hard for it

The work is long & will take you away from lots of other people & things. But 

you will never know/feel/realize it’s work – not until you look back.

Success is relative. I don’t equate success with money. However, if you’re looking to get me on a technicality to explain why you’re not where you wanna be in life, fine – I’ll give it to you both ways: I’m talking about measuring in personal success, but I’m also talking about financial success.

It’s advice; don’t fight it. Either make something of the advice or simply discard it, but to attempt to argue it with me is daft & wastes all of our precious time. You’re 

talking to the laziest fat-fuck I’ve ever met, who came from a gov’t-cheese-eatin’ lower, lower, LOWER middle-class and still somehow bent the universe to compliment his universe. I built an podcasting playground where even my friends get PAID to simply be themselves. So, again: take the advice or leave it. But when you debate free advice, who’re you fighting – me or you?

This is going into my life plan to succeed in three years’ time. Aw-yeah!

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