Liberating the urge to fart

One night late last month after we had one of our legendary awesome dates, we were sleeping in a quaint area somewhere in the city. When we do spend time together, I see her as a delightful companion who makes me laugh and whom I enjoy making her laugh equally as hard as well. The things we do sometimes are so spontaneous and hilarious that no matter how much we plan beforehand, sometimes it’s best if we just go along with the flow because the best things in life are those unexpected.

I am just glad we have modern technology like iPhones and digital cameras to record our journey together so we can relive the funny moments over and over again. And it really makes our day and night re-watching video clips of us doing random things together. We are just that type of fun people, you see.

Now back to that night. The air was cool, the surroundings was peaceful. We were snuggling against each other with my limbs wrapped comfortably around her. She was sleeping on my left shoulder and her body was turned towards me. I had my right arm hugging her back while my right leg was placed over her cute tushy. It was a loving sight. If you were there, I bet you’d go, “Awww” too.

Soon, the morning rays were seeping in slowly and we were starting to drift in and out of our deep sleep. Then a loud hard bubbly “PBROOOOOOOOT’ sound punctured the air so quick and sudden that my eyes shot wide open but my brain was taking a while to process because my body was concentrating on going back to sleep. After that shock of sound, the silence enveloping the room like fog became louder.

Then without moving, I asked quietly, “Did you just fart? On my thigh?”


And her body shot right into me like a twisted arrow as she whined loudly into the pillow with embarrassment. It sounded something like, “Eee Awww nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Shy shy…shy shy…”

I will never forget the sight of her trying to dig a hole in the bed and avoiding eye contact with me as I started laughing till my sides ached. My baby just let me into her sacred world where previously, only family members have heard her fart.

That sudden expulsion of air is now officially known as, “The Loud Bubbly Fart”.

When we finally calmed down, after much discussion, she reasoned that, “Alcohol makes me gassy.”

I mean she has confessed before to farting under the covers when in bed with me. She even told me she was busy farting in the café when we were having a late lunch later that day. But I haven’t never heard or smelled them so it has never bothered me since I always found that side of her endearing and adorable.

Only last week, she farted again while we were asleep. This time, it was a loud “POOT” without the bubbles. And my hand was cupped over her butt at the precise moment.

We burst out laughing.

She is adamant that alcohol makes her gassy and that whenever her butt feels “liberated”, she can’t control the urge to fart. “It just comes naturally.”

Besides making her laugh and happy, one of my greatest joys is having her make me laugh so hard that I become paralysed from laughing.

No matter how much she tries to pretend that the farts didn’t happen or no matter how much she hopes I will be asleep the next time she farts, we both know that I am officially with a Gassy Baby/Loud Farter.

Now she has been asking me when I am ever going to fart in front of her just so we can “even the score”.

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