I wanna hold your hand

I guess I just want to write the thoughts I have in my head before old age gets to them.

Today, I had an unbearable day. I mean totally uncomfortable. I wore the wrong top, the wrong pants, the wrong jacket, the wrong belt and worst of all, the wrong undergarments. I mean everything was hanging loose, dude. You know how that feels? Unbearable. I was fidgeting in my seat the entire day, I couldn’t stop slouching, I couldn’t stop adjusting my insides. Dude, it was so bad I had to run home immediately once the clock went past six pm.

But that’s alright because I want to tell you about my awesome weekend, Sunday (13 Feb) in particular.

We ordered McDonald’s delivery on Friday late night after she came back from Haneda, Japan. It was a feast. There were Mcspicy, fillet o’ fish, nuggets, chicken wings and fries. We made ourselves comfortable in bed and guess what, American Idol was on TV.

You should probably know this by now. We enjoy watching TV together. It’s just much more fun.

Shows have more colour, the content becomes more interesting and the people onscreen are more enjoyable to look at because we have no qualms dissing and making fun of the things we watch on TV. Snarky comments, cringing gestures, rolling of eyes, sighs of exasperation, short bursts of anger and the sounds of “tsk tsk” when something displeases us would fill the air as we lay on our big comfy bed, tucked under the blanket, cuddling each other.

She is usually on my right with me lying in the crook of her left arm. Or we would lay side by side holding hands. Sometimes we would tease each other when certain things on TV reminds us of one other. Sometimes we would sigh in admiration when we see something touching.

American Idol and The Bachelor on StarWorld, crime documentaries on Criminal Investigation channel, science programmes like Mythbusters on Discovery Channel, documentaries like “Living in Lagos” on BBC.

More recently, we came home on Sunday evening after nearly bursting at the seams from having ramen for dinner. It’s strange how we looked at each other at the same time during the meal and said the same thought out loud: “I really feel like lying down now.”

And it was our lucky day for going home early. The Chingay parade was on TV the minute we crawled into bed. I am glad the performers at the parade couldn’t hear us over the TV because we were in fine form dissing each and every group that came shimmering or swaying their butts onscreen. We got so agitated at one point that we started screaming awful names at one other and collapsed into laughter. We even tried flattening each other’s faces with our hands in a bid to stop us stop yelling.

I am telling you all these because we make each other so happy that we even have fun watching silly shows on TV.  Her words, not mine. True story.

Anyway back to that night when we were feasting on McDonald’s, we were cringing over American Idol auditions for a bit before Glee came on. We have never watched Glee together even though it is one of my favourite shows. By then, she was lying in my arms with her head on my shoulders, happy from our burger meal.

Then Kurt from Glee came onto the scene. He sang a song so hauntingly good and heartbreaking that tears were forming in my eyes and I heard her sniffle a bit. So I asked her, “Eh, you crying?”

“No.” Her voice was choked.

“Are you sure?” And I tried to look over her shoulder.


Heh. The song Kurt sang was so good it made both of us cried at the same time. You should watch it.