One year ago today

One year ago today, we were 15,319 km apart. It was the first time we chatted on Whatsapp for more than nine hours.

Below is an edited transcript of what we talked about one year later:

M: One year just flew past like that, baby.

X: Yeah! You’re 14,120km away today!

M: I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. I really enjoy talking to you, baby! I am so myself when I’m with you. In the past, many people have commented that I’ve changed to become a more mellow person. But I’mm back to the good old M now!

X: Aww and you fell in love with life again because of me.

M: You bring out the best in me! Lucky you!!!

X: You’re the gatekeeper to my secrets! I’m your natural high, darling.

M: Yes, you are!

X: You’re addicted to me! LOL!

M: Oh my sweet love, you’re perfect for me!

A while later…

M: You courted me with cards and emails…

X: You fill me up with zest.

M: Wine and dine me…

X: I have a stupid grin on my face now. I think it was the same grin as that night we went out.

M: Muakz, baby! You’re so adorable. You’re my “Gong Wan Bao Bei”.

After discussing the many levels of intimacy we have attained with one another…

M: What else have we not done? We are close like that. No boundaries! Sometimes do you look at me and think, “Damn! Am I lucky or what?”

X: *kisses*

M: I love you, baby. Thanks for putting up with my snoring and blanket-snatching habits.

While planning our upcoming weekend rendevous…

M: Alcohol makes me gassy.

X: Cheese makes me gassy.

M: Yeah, more mac and cheese!

X: I miss kissing you. I don’t think I kissed you enough that night.

M: Me too, baby! It’s never enough. I wish you were here cosying up beside me. You make me all warm and fuzzy inside, love!

Baby, I miss how you’d say “Hand” to me and I will immediately stretch my hand out for you to wrap my arm around your warm soft body and we will fall asleep spooning each other. You’re all I need to have a good night’s sleep in the big comfy bed we share.

I even love the way you’d tease my soft layers of flab and kiss me all over afterwards. I love the way you look adoringly at me. I love how you think I am adorable even though all I did is sitting there watching you look at me. I can go on and go about the things I adore so much about you. (And I will do that soon) Baby, like how you said to me, “In all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right” earlier tonight, then whatever I did to deserve you, it couldn’t have been enough. *boon tiong kisses*

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