Driving slow on Sunday afternoon


Remember how I told you about the gorgeous sunset we saw last Sunday?

It was a warm day last week and thankfully, we spent most of our time in the cool air-conditioning the car has. The sun was setting when we were driving slowly along the expressway. As we drove closer to our destination, the buildings appeared to be chasing the sun and yet it looked like it was coming nearer to us. Cutting through the soft fluffy clouds, the sun rays cut across the skies into many golden facets with some of the light making our eyes squint.

We immediately turned to each other and said, “Let’s take a pic.”

And she took out her phone to snap a couple shots of the gorgeous sunset we have been privileged to see.

When she sent the picture of the sunset to me later that night, it was amazing how photos taken by the simple phone can look like something so beautiful you can only describe it as art.

The truth is we love sunrises and sunsets and all the times in between ever since we started talking to each other. They are like our special theme. Like if we had a party, we’d make everyone wear some form of sun-shaped costume or blindingly gold accessories.

Thank you for capturing the beautiful moment we had shared in time, my love.