An extra ordinary life

Hi, I am 28 years old. I am an ordinary person living an ordinary life in a tiny metropolitan city in the southern part of the world.

This is a snapshot of a day in my extra ordinary life.

You know how these days, some people would tell you they love to write. And they enjoy writing in their journals or they have blogs where they chronicle every moment of their lives. And they ( most probably) aspire to write for a living.

Well, I’m lucky. I write for a living. Except I write about things that would generally only interest people if they want to fall asleep. Now I’m not very sure if I enjoy writing or I’m just resigned to doing something I’m relatively good at.

So like some people, I aspire to be a full-time blogger where I can earn a living simply by writing about my life. I can talk about me all the time. Every sentence starts with “I”. Anything that is vaguely interesting will be directly linked to myself. See how well this is working out for me so far?

I am of average height and average weight. I like to think I have a trendy fashion sense. But I have my off days.

Like you, I am insecure about my looks. I think about losing the flab around my tummy all the time. I think about exercising more often but I never do. I like junk food like hot salty fries. I am going through a long streak of bad hair days (14 days and counting).

I can’t wake up in the mornings without hitting the snooze alarm twice. I like to sleep although I don’t get a lot of it. I like watching tv a lot. I have to lie down for a bit (ok maybe longer) after a full meal.

I used to like reading fiction in their hardcovers. Then Internet stole my attention span. Now I read articles and ebooks on my phone.

I go to work in the mornings. I sit behind the computer for nine hours. I go home. I eat. I sleep. You and I are probably doing similar things in our lives.

But today, I did something you might not have done (yet). A donation of US$50 to Japan’s tsunami disaster fund was made under my name.

And that made me felt slightly better. What did you do today?

P/S: Also, I haven’t logged on to any social media networks for nearly three days now. (I accidentally opened an app but that’s not counted because I shut it off immediately!) For a brief moment yesterday, I thought I would be out of touch with the entire world if I didn’t get to read their updates. Then I realised that’s what online newspapers are for.

PP/S: It’s 5.23am now and I woke up growling in frustration midway a dream. I growled so loud I literally sat up in bed. Then I dropped my phone. I dreamt that I was stuck queueing somewhere at the airport for work and everyone was so inefficient. A reflection of my real life? Ha!

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