Rise and dine

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon today. The sun is out. Well, there were some raindrops falling on my head before I got into a cab. Thankfully, the skies were kind and the mild rain stopped.

I am here at a restaurant that is popular for its brunches and breakfasts. I’m excited. Well sort of, since I’m still waiting for my friends to finally turn up. Like one hour and 30 minutes ago. People should invest in a good alarm clock that spurts water onto your face like a Super Soaker whenever they hit the snooze button. I’m pretty sure people will find it hard to sleep with wet hair and a wet pillow. Then again, you’ll never know.

My stomach is growling like a maniac and threatening to tear out of my body in search of nourishment. My friends are texting their apologies. A starving person is not a happy person. Just saying.

The good news is I’ve decided what I want to eat: Sir Benedict (half an English muffin topped with smoked ham, streaky bacon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce and homemade mashed potato) and The Sleepover Special (French Brioche toast with grilled bananas, streaky bacon and maple syrup).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Ok, I’ve ordered the meals. I have finished reading many articles on how fabulous the royal wedding was yesterday. And how the couple shared a kiss on the balcony. Twice.

From the Guardian UK:

“And the kiss on the palace balcony, duly demanded by the crowd below, was executed with poise and with a few blushes from an embarrassed William. It was a fleeting and quite chaste kiss. It was repeated as the crowd bayed for more, with William’s seeming awkwardness…”

Ahhh, makes my heart swoon. Especially since I’m not the only awkward person around. Now I can tell people even royalty is just like me. 😉

I’m still waiting. My hot chocolate which was dreadfully sweet has turned cold. And wahey even my food has arrived faster than my mates. How delightful!

Let’s see. It’s 1.30pm now. The crowd has been giving me sideway glances since my food arrived. People still waiting for a table around the restaurant have been staring at me sitting at a table meant for four. I am going to eat now, completely comfortable with strangers looking at me eat a meal for two all by myself. Yes.

If she was here, we’d order at least five dishes from the menu because that’s how we roll, Internet. We are the type of couple who can eat three meals together at one go. Yes.

Halfway through the tiny portions, my mates finally arrived. They ordered and good conversation started flowing.

After lunch, we strolled over to the botanic gardens nearby. It was crowded. The lush greenery was beautiful. You could see sparkles of the sun rays across the lake. The heat was marinating us in our perspiration.

We settled down under a shady tree in front of the outdoor theatre. The symphony band was setting up their musical instruments. Some young dancers were flitting around them in their sparkly dresses. We were just in time to see an Irish dance performance of some sorts.

When the music started, the dancers lined up in front of the band and began tapping their shoes. It was fun even though I am tone-deaf. People were busy snapping pictures on their phones.

I was busy trying not to sit with my legs crossed over another. I could feel the film of stickiness (or “niam ti ti” as she would say) on every inch of my skin as long as I sat still. Even my deodorant was starting to succumb to the natural forces of my armpits. I was very close to running home for a nice cold shower.

But it was a pleasant day to be out trying new food places and enjoying new experiences.

Yet through it all, I wish she was there.

It would be nice if we had a picnic on the green lawn with an ice cooler box filled with sweet dessert wine, juices and water. Maybe even with her 9.5 months old puppy (and yet weighs 20kg) running around us while we eat.

I thought about the fun picnic dates we had – the first one we had, we didn’t manage to fly our kite but we had a romantic time together. The second one had a really fierce wild monkey with really weird long uneven nipples chasing us and snatching our food. We even kidded about bringing my dog form to protect us next time we have picnics.

It would be so nice to share all these with you.

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