Calvin and Victoria and Quincy

“Unusual downcast petals, much like those eyelashes.”

And those eyelashes she was referring to were mine. Heh.

It was 6 March when she took that picture. And Internet, that day was part of one of the best weekends we ever had.

We arrived at the quaint boutique hotel at 2pm after running our errands in the morning of 5 March.

Let’s digress a bit to our morning.

On our way to make my passport and identity card, we stopped by a shopping mall for my first unsweetened bubble tea experience. It was fascinating how a queue was in place even before the shop opened for business. We ordered and our ticket number was 29.

TWENTY PLUS NINE?! This meant that there were at least 28 people in front of us within an hour of that shop opening. I couldn’t believe it either.

Apparently, its unique selling proposition was that we can choose the level of sweetness in our drinks. That’s good for both of us, I guess, since we are a couple that prefers savoury meals over sweet ones.

By the time, we had our icy bubble drinks in our hands, we had to go straight to the traffic department to get my driving license done. The chewy “bubbles” were really addictive though. I can’t wait to try it again.

When we were waiting to collect the confirmation receipt for my license, she saw someone wearing a tee-shirt that had a tag line that said: “I’d do me.”

She immediately snapped a photo and uploaded it on Facebook with her witty quip: “I won’t.”

Everyone now. HAHAHA!

Well, let’s just say that person wouldn’t win any beauty pageant in our lifetime.

Now, back at the hotel after a slight tangent. A refreshing scent welcomed us as we walked into the lobby. It looked stylish, modern furnishes with splashes of cool grey, vibrant orange, pristine white and dark wood.

When we were discussing about our highly anticipated weekend getaway during our really yummy Korean dinner the night before, I told her if the room was really as awesome as what the hotel’s website described, I would strip my pants and run around the room with my arms in the air (Teng kor zhao).

We were not disappointed at all. The room, while small, was more than what we imagined. It was decorated in the way we envision our future bedroom to be like – cozy and yet sophisticated.

There was a king-sized bed with white covers and fluffy pillows. The desk, shelves and wardrobe were in smooth varnished white. The side tables were dark, matching the black LCD tv set, fridge and drawers along the wall. It was an impressive use of space. The closet door was linked to the bathroom so you or your clothes would be exposed when you’re using either one. The bathroom had a glass wall partition where we could see each other showering from the bed if we like. There were both a bathtub and a shower area. What really impressed me was that it was stocked up with Molten Brown’s toiletries. I absolutely love them!

The complimentary red wine, unlimited minibar drinks and snacks probably got our adrenaline pumping too. Not forgetting the white comfy bathrobes and bedroom slippers.

So yes, I ended up running around the room in my undies. Ooh, you’d love me in my new undies which was a gift from her. It was in summer green and you could see my butt cheeks peeking out from them. According to her, she was “highly turned on” seeing me walk around in my Calvin’s.

She should have seen herself in her sexy smoking hot Victoria Secrets’ lacy purple lingerie. I wanted to devour her over and over again. I was that hungry for her satin smooth creamy body. The way her dark wavy hair fell nicely over her shoulders as we looked into each other’s eyes, the way our lips fitted perfectly, the way her body melted into my arms make moments like these worth cherishing and repeated over and over again. There’s more but that’s between us only. 😉

Oh, American Idol was on TV and it was that day when we found our favourite contestant, Pia. She sang like a diva-like brunette Celine Dion that day. Our goosebumps stood up even though we were snuggling and lying in each other’s arms under the covers.

Then our KFC and Pizza Hut deliveries arrived. It was a food feast for us! We ordered spicy chicken drumlets, Hawaiian pizzas, crispy chicken pieces, Zinger burgers and whipped potatoes. Let me tell you a little secret. Whenever we eat, we go all out to make sure our meals are like heaven on earth – meaning the more the better, the yummier the merrier!

We had planned to head to the bar downstairs for some cocktails before going to the restaurant for dinner. But we ended up too stuffed to move. Still, we were game to get tipsy and to get the night started, if you know what I mean. I can’t wink harder enough.

The bar’s outdoor patio was set in a serene lush green surroundings. The cool evening breeze was lovely. And we really really liked the colour scheme – dark grey brick walls, cool grey rattan seats complemented with orange cushions. I’m definitely jotting this down for our future apartment.

We had vodka cranberries on the glass lounge table. I took a few pictures of her and she looked great in each shot. I thought to myself: “What a gorgeous girl I have and I really want to kiss her all over.”

But our adventure with vodka cranberries had to end early. Turns out we were not the fabulous drunks we thought we could be. The hotel bar was too generous with its alcohol serving. She started feeling dizzy. I was already woozy by then.

We had to put on our straight faces and walked past the reception to the lift. The minute the door closed, we burst out laughing. IT WAS THAT HARD to hold back our giggles.

When the door opened, a couple was about to enter the lift so we stumbled out grinning sheepishly. We wobbled our way blindly to the room door breathless and very tipsy. Then… We tried swiping the key not one, not two, not three but many many times and the door just wouldn’t let us in. I mean what do a pair of drunk lovebirds have to do to get into their room. And then we looked up to the unit number.

We were at the sixth floor. Our room was on the 14th floor. To say we fled like the tornado was mild so to speak.

When we finally stumbled into our room, we crashed into bed in a drunken stupor. After a while, I got up and poured a glass of red wine mixed with 7-Up for her. Yes, we planned to get each other drunk. But maybe, just maybe, we went so far that we fell asleep. For a bit.

She then headed to the bathroom. ” l really have to puke.”

So I was her kind, loving better half who held her hair back while patting her back gently to coax undigested food and vodka out of her. We sat at the toilet for what seemed like a really long time.


“Hey if you’re not going to puke, I’m going to puke.”

And I nudged her out of the way before throwing up into the toilet bowl. She laughed and said I was adorable. Then again, I’m always adorable to her even when all I do is sit there looking at her.

We climbed back into bed and settled down for the rest of the night. Oh, I went downstairs to collect our dinner (which looked really delicious) in between. Gosh, walking around with a giddy head took up a lot of willpower. We woke up halfway to hydrate ourselves. Oh, and made fun of each other through the glass partition while peeing. But Internet, we have decided that we shall drink no more than two glasses each in future.

The next morning, we were up and about for breakfast. I made coffee for her. She got us some eggs. It felt nice sitting together reading the Sunday news while sharing a delightful meal. Just think how great it would be if we can do this every morning together.

After breakfast, we went to explore the infinity pool and the gym. She was really keen to try out the treadmills but we didn’t bring our trainers. So after a brief dip in the freezing water which left my nipples in shock and her teeth chattering, we were pleased to discover that standing on a section of the pool where we can see through all 12 storeys down to the ground can make our legs shiver.

We headed for the sauna. It felt authentic with its wooden wall panels and the way the charcoals sizzled when we poured water over. Except there wasn’t any heat. We tried looking for the instruction guide. There wasn’t any.

The hotel room was still the best place to be. We could run around naked, shower together (seriously one of the joys in life), eat while in a bubble bath (another simple joy), watch tv in a bubble bath (our life sounds pretty awesome huh), scratch each other’s back, tease the one trying so hard not to look shy while peeing, shampoo our hair together and share kisses whenever our eyes meet.

Soon it was lunchtime. We were waiting for our food when we noticed the little pot of flowers between us. It was that moment when she took the picture above.

Then she looked at me with soulful eyes. “I have not been hungry at all since yesterday. I don’t think I can eat anymore.”

I laughed. “Me too. I’m still so full. From yesterday. And there is still so much food left.”

Yet we felt blissful, very “fulfilling” and blessed.

Dear Internet, if there is one thing we are very good at, it is that we always have awesome weekend getaways and holidays together. We can spend our days doing nothing but laughing, eating yummilicious food together, laughing again when we recount the things we did the day before and kissing.

Also, Calvin and Victoria are our new best friends forever. BFF rules!

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