A two-minute long love story


My favourite bit at 1:25 minute. Sunrises and sunsets have always been part of our love story.

This screenshot was part of an amazing video which was filmed entirely on a cellphone. Just how freaking awesome is that?

It has a incredibly smart concept and it’s beautifully shot. You won’t even be able to tell it was shot by a phone camera. The soundtrack was perfect. And the best part is it will make you smile at the end. What more can you ask for from a short film? Even Hollywood movies are hit-and-miss sometimes.

It’s around two minutes long and you should watch it for yourself.

Click here to view the video

Splitscreen: A Love Story
by JW Griffiths
Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011.

Director: JW Griffiths
Producer: Kurban Kassam
Director of Photography: Christopher Moon
Editor: Marianne Kuopanportti
Sound Design: Mauricio d’Orey
Music composed by: Lennert Busch


Sputnik dog


Yes, he TOTALLY enjoyed having us scratched his neck since he couldn’t quite reach that sweet spot.

This was how Lego looked like after the visit to the vet on Sunday (26 June). He had to wear a plastic satellite dish around his neck because he kept licking his medicated cream off his fur.

He is about 11 months and two weeks old here and he weighs around 22kg. That’s slightly under half her weight. Yet he feels like a ton when he jumps on you enthusiastically to welcome you, wagging tail and all.

What you don’t see here is how he kept hitting into us when trying to navigate his way around the house or getting us to pat him. What you also don’t hear is the loud yelps we made whenever his satellite dish crashed into our shins.