The face of beauty

This has been my happy song the entire week. It fills me up with so much joy that I feel like I should skip and hop to everywhere (hair pleats optional).

I played it the minute I stepped out of my house and kept it on loop the entire journey to work so I can block out the noisy thoughts that has been bothering my mind (and heart).

I played this song again the minute I stepped out of the office and kept it on loop the entire journey home so I can tune the world out (and hopefully the onslaught of my tears). Don’t ask.

Anyway, this song makes me smile and think of the wondrous possibilities of life and to maybe see the world with happy lenses, especially the way it signs off.

But I can’t believe the whole wide web, yes you heard me, the WHOLE WIDE WEB has no, NOT A SINGLE, nada, zilch, trace or link to the song’s lyrics. I can’t believe I might be the only one who likes this song. Aghast really. Internet, you ought to do better than that.

Which was how I discovered that attempting to transcribe someone else’s lyrics is incredibly tough. Like listening to one song for at least 40 times tough. Well then, thank goodness, I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past five days, haven’t I? Aren’t you lucky?

So go on, listen and read and you’ll fall in love with this uplifting song just as I did.

Beauty by Vargo

The face of beauty appears in every step, in every sunrise, in every ray of sunlight that kisses my skin.

The sounds of waves, the poet’s rhyme, the dancer’s grace, the silence at night, the falling snow, this melody, a beaming face, a ray of sunlight.

Any place, any time I open up my eyes, I am amazed again to find the face of beauty. So much to hear, to feel, to see each moment of discovery.

A million ways to find the face of beauty.

A baby’s smile, your tender touch, the scent of grass, a seagull in flight, a gentle voice, one friendly word, the wind’s caress while being outside.

The beauty of nature is very fragile. All of you know that when you come out of birth and then you look and then you feel and then suddenly you realise you are more than just a small piece of meat walking on earth.

I know.