Saving the best

If you want to know how getting tortured in hell feels like, you just need to go for one 60-minute kickboxing class. Followed by an hour of “dynamic” yoga.

Exercise is clearly overrated. If we were meant to exercise, then why did I feel like my heart was on the verge of collapsing in the middle of a “double, double punch, double hook and front kick and roundhouse” move? Huh? HUH?

I was this close to blacking out in the middle of the filthy gym floors on Saturday and it wasn’t pleasant thinking about the potential amount of germs swarming all over me if I had fainted. Fortunately, I dragged myself out of the class in time.

It IS just so much easier to eat as much as you want and then settle back on the couch or bed and watch tv shows after tv shows until our food gets digested. Sounds fab, isn’t it? I know.

When was the last time I had such a wonderful time doing nothing but eat, chill, play and watch tv all day long?

For this, we would have to go back to a weekend in late May. There were other weekends throughout May and June that we had enjoyed doing all of the above but this was particularly memorable as you will see why later.

I had gone over her place bearing gifts of premium durians, iced bubble tea and prawn pancakes after trekking all over the shops under the humid weather at her request. When I arrived, she was watching tv with her limbs sprawling lazily across the couch.

Her dog Lego was there as well. He was so surprised to see me that he dropped his toy from his mouth. And he immediately jumped on me to lick my face the minute I walked through the door. I still haven’t figured out if that was his way of showing affection and welcoming me or (according to her) making me part of his pack. Yes, we have been watching too much Caesar Milan.

She has saved me some chicken curry and soft fluffy white bread because she knows that’s one of my favourite dishes.

Either Jim Bob or Jon and Kate or Small People or the Kardashians sisters were on tv that evening. She has got me so hooked on reality tv shows recently. We have watched these tv families so often that we probably know more about their eating habits than we know about our own families’. Then again, we also diss these tv families a lot. But how could we not? It’s hard not comment on Jim Bob’s nerdy dress sense or Michelle’s overly shrill chirpiness or Jon’s balding head.

So we ate our snacks, drank our iced bubble tea, played with Lego, fed him durian, chilled on the sofa and watch tv shows after tv shows.

We also sneaked kisses in between commercial breaks. Held hands once in a while. We also called each other rude names for a bit. But Lego being Lego also meant that we had to take turns to clean up after him. Oh, we played Wii too.

Then hours later, after I tussled with Lego over his rope, I turned around to face her on the couch and I paused.

Half her body was sliding down the couch, with her butt firmly poised in mid-air.

“What are you doing?”

In her most adorable innocent baby-like voice, she spoke softly: “I am planking.”


“Yuh! You don’t know? Planking is very popular now. You just lie somewhere and pretend to be a plank.”

My face twisted into a dozen expressions, not knowing whether to laugh or to run over to squash her face and kiss her all over.

I know, this may sound ordinary but for 1am at night? It’s amazing how comfortable we are being silly and crazy with each other at any hour of the day.

And how it feels right to drape my arm over her as we snuggle to sleep.

When she woke up in between saying she had to go pee, I piggybacked her to the bathroom. Waited for her and piggybacked her back to the room again. I know, totally random. We are just so spontaneous.

The next day, she slept in late while I revised my notes beside her. She would wake up occasionally, blearily wondering if I had been looking at her sleep so I would pat her back to sleep, murmuring comforting words.

The truth is whenever I found myself losing concentration, I’d turn to look at her blissful face dreaming blissful dreams and then I’d smile and go back to studying. Sometimes I would lean over to kiss her. I didn’t tell her then but the whole tine, I was thinking, “How nice it feels to be here next to you.”

I ordered a Japanese meal for our dinner and waited patiently for her to regain consciousness. When the food arrived, I set the table, laid out the cutlery, opened the sauces she would need, took food for her and urged her to eat the best parts of the dishes.

It could be just me but I realise I always want to give her the best part of anything, whether from meals, activities or gifts.

There was a fried soft shell crab and I kept feeding her most of it while pretending to eat some. But really I fed her almost the entire crab because I knew she likes eating it.

I must have an innate need to give her the best and to take really good care of her. And I know she does the same as well. Sometimes she would insist on me eating something she knows I like or getting me something she knows I need or have been thinking about.

Maybe this is what true love is – finding someone you know you care more about than yourself and whom you can laugh with and grow with.

Few hours later, she asked me, “How does it feel to spend 48 hours non-stop with me?”

“Heh, nice. I like.”

I guess I just love being around her. A lot. We may be doing the most ordinary thing but it still feels exciting and interesting and nice because we are doing it together.