Stuck in a moment

Few nights ago, I was putting on my green polo tee shirt after a shower when my head got stuck under the collar. I burst out giggling when I realised the tee was buttoned up. It reminded me of the random things that made our faces sore, our tummies ached from laughing too hard.

There was one night (quite a few nights actually) when we finally decided to change into pyjamas after chatting on my bed for the longest time. I passed her the green polo tee which is her regular sleepwear whenever she comes over. Her eyes were half closed and she was falling asleep sitting on the edge of the bed. So she sleepily put the polo tee over and paused.

“Huh? What happened? Why like that?”

And I burst out laughing. Her arms were sticking out through the sleeve-holes while her head remained trapped under the collar. She started making weeping baby noises, trying to pull the shirt down.

And I laughed even harder as she struggled to free the buttons on the tee blindly with her head under the polo tee. It was like the Headless Rider in Sleepy Hollow in a comedy but the prettier and more adorable version.

When I finally stopped laughing enough to help her unbutton the collar, she looked up. Her eyes were still half closed, her face was still in a sleepy daze and without warning, she stretched out to whack me on my side. “HUMPF!!!”

Shocked, I hit her back and sprung backwards immediately. Just in time too. Her arm were outstretched in that split second, all ready to give me a sound beating. Naturally, I have to start gloating. With a jiggle of my butt. “HA! You missed!!”

And we started chasing each other around the room, trying to hit each other without getting smacked in return.

Her arms were naturally longer and stronger than mine so when she finally pinned my arms back, I couldn’t retaliate no matter how much I struggled. Until a lightbulb flashed above my head. And I swiftly aimed a kick at her thigh. Which shocked her and caused another frenzy round of us hitting and now kicking each other furiously while laughing and screaming like energetic children at a playground in summer.


“Who said you can kick me?”

“You stop hitting me back!”

“No, you stop it ah!”

“Let go!”

“Ok ok, now we are fair!”

“NO! If you say it’s fair, that means it is not fair. I have to hit you one more time, ’cause it means you have hit me two extra times.”

Few more hits and kicks later. More laughter and running around.

“Now we are fair.”

“NO! According to you, when you say ‘it’s fair’, it means it’s not fair!”

It was amazing how we’d eventually stop at a truce. Well, we kinda have to pause because we would be exhausted, panting for breath and trying to recover from the “physical” activity.

If you are not fond of regular exercise, you should try chasing your partner around a small room. Works just as well in getting your heart rate up which will burn calories and fats.

While recovering, she would be on the bed and I would be standing beside the bed and we would gingerly scrutinise the red patches of damage on our arms and legs and pointing them out with shrill voices.

“You see! All red!”

“It is paining.”

Plus, she is fairer than me so the red marks tend to be more obvious and redder as well. My heart would melt whenever I see her face scrounged up in a pout.

I’d hold her close to me and tenderly kiss all the red marks I could see and rub her arms soothingly. Then we’d lie in bed in each other’s arms, forgetting about our pyjamas for a brief moment.

Because in that moment in time, the whole world may have continued spinning on its axis, but for us, time has stood still, leaving just us in our own world, enjoying each other’s presence in those quiet moments.

Those were some of the best times of our lives.

Oh and if you think getting stuck under the polo tee was adorably funny, wait till you hear about our “wearing boobies correctly in the bra” and her “arm pits shing” theories. Stay tuned for more.