Kings of the ocean


So I saw these gigantic monsters from afar and I thought they were lobsters from two metres away. When I walked up closer to them, I realised they were prawns. Yes, but these are king prawns, not your average-sized prawns that are near the bottom of the food chain and get eaten up by almost everyone passing through.

It was too crowded for me to take a pic of the prawns with my hand next to them as a scale. But I can assure you they were at least 20cm long and 5cm broad. Told you they were monsters.

They were as big as someone’s face, bigger than the fresh palm-sized oysters we ate a while ago and it could feed a family of five if everyone is happy to just take two bites each.

Then I immediately brightened up and wanted to take a pic to send it to you so we could laugh about it. Then I paused and went, “Oh right. We are not speaking to each other.”

I walked further down the aisle and I took another pic that had a hilarious caption which I know you will find it just as funny as I did. But again I refrained from texting you.

The strange thing about soliciting advice is when we talk to other people to ask them for their counsel about the situation we find ourselves in, to see if they can help us analyse the dilemma we face and to hear what their solutions for us may be isn’t always the right choice.

They are not in our shoes, they don’t know what we have gone through, they don’t know exactly how much feelings and hurt we have inside, or worse, they may have their own agenda to tell you certain things but still, we listen to them and even follow their advice because we are lost and we are too sad to think for ourselves and we have no clue to what the other party is thinking about.

So we assume the worse of everything because that is the easiest way to protect ourselves from further pain.

We try to cope as best as we can, knowing that every step we take forward is a reluctant, painful step. If only the two people involved are willing to sit down to talk openly, to really bring up the fears, the questions, the pain, then maybe just maybe, there is a way out of this dark tunnel.

That’s just my thoughts. What do you think?