Listening: Sink by Tanga

This song was my most repeated track on the playlist two weeks ago.

Ok, the cover might look erotic. Well, the album is called “Erotic Lounge Vol. 4 – CD02”. Ahem.

I don’t know much about the artiste Tanga who performed the song Sink but I enjoy listening to it. Absolutely love the tune and the way it makes me feel when I commute to and fro from work. The second the music plays I’d feel a sense of calmness seeping in and I go all fuzzy over because it’s such a chill-out song. Something I badly needed the past three weeks.

Can’t believe it was released six years ago. It doesn’t sound dated or anything close to being irrelevant, unlike some sugary overplayed pop songs the radio keeps churning out.

“You don’t have to reach far for the power. You don’t have to rise to the top. You can sink into the narrowest part of your heart.”

Yes, this is definitely one of my favourite tunes of the year:

3 thoughts on “Listening: Sink by Tanga

    • Ah… This song brings back so much memories for me. ❤ I couldn't find them anywhere online! I'll try to transcribe them over the next few days if I can. 🙂

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