Better lucky than rich

Someone said the funniest, or rather a very insightful thing to me earlier this evening. It was quote of the day for me.

We were reading about macroeconomics and how there is a link between household consumption and a country’s national income and expenditure.

So the theory goes that a worker is paid by a company and the worker would save some of the salary in a bank so the bank can reinvest the money on things that would make it rich (er).

Then the worker would spend most of the wages on perishable goods which would be profits for companies and pay taxes to the government which is how a country becomes rich. Are you seeing a trend here?

After absorbing the entire chapter, I finally said: “I wish the book would tell me how I can be rich and not how to make other companies, banks, governments and other countries rich.”

She laughed and said: “Why would you want to be rich? I rather be fortunate than rich.

“You see, what’s the point of being rich if you are not happy? Being rich doesn’t mean you’d be happy. Being lucky is so much better. Then you will always have what you need whenever you want them.

“You just need to earn enough and the rest will come your way. Then you’d be happy because you have all you need. Isn’t that better?

“When you are lucky, you will be happy. So I prefer to be fortunate than be rich.”

I sat there, staring at her in thoughtful silence. “You may be right. Being rich means having to pay more taxes and that won’t make me happy.

“So it’s better if I have a low income and pay little tax, then whenever I need something, good fortunate would show up and give it to me at the right time.”

We looked at each other and nodded in unison. “Mmmm…”

And we laughed. Life is indeed that simple.

P/S: I just had a brainwave. To frame our theory of (luck – income = happiness) in an economics formula, it looks approximately like this: L – I = H (Ok, maybe I have to refine it further but you get my drift.)

PP/S: I should have told her my nickname is Lucky. Bet you wish you could see how wide I’m grinning now.

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