Sorry, Steve

This was too long for twitter but too precious to not record it down for posterity’s sake.

It happened the day after Steve Jobs passed away. I had come home from work and was picking at the food on the dining table. My mum looked at me and started grinning.

Me: “What?” [suspiciously]

Mum: “You said you wanted the new iPhone 5 in December?”

Me: “Yes… Why?”

Mum: “But the man who made the iPhone died yesterday?”

Me: “Uh huh…”

[I still couldn’t see where this was going.]

Mum: “Then you don’t need to get it anymore! That man died. No one to make the iPhone 5.”

My face froze midway. Well, twisted to be exact. I didn’t know to laugh or cry or do both at the time.

Long pause.

“It doesn’t matter. There will still be a new iPhone. I still want to get it.”

“You sure? The man died. It won’t be as good. You better get another phone.”