Few days before Halloween…

Me: “I can go as an overworked employee. I hear it’s very popular these days.”

Friend: “Hahaha! Can I go as Agyness Deyne?”

Me: “You can go as Agyness Deyne’s armpit.”

Friend: “I wonder what Agyness Deyne’s armpit looks like.”

Me: “It’s a wonderland.”

Friend: “Hahaha! There are a couple of parties on Saturday. We could do that or we can just find a bar to sit at and laugh at people.”

Me: “We can party-hop and MOCK at people at the same time. We have safety in numbers.”

Friend: “You do realise we can mock each other. Haha!”

Me: “I don’t think I’d look scary enough.”

Friend: “I can give you dark rings and wrinkles. I can give you eye bags too.”

Me: “I am going for a scary look, not trying to look old here. I already have my natural dark rings and wrinkles! I don’t need any more eye bags on top of my natural ones!!”


On Saturday night itself…

Me (in costume): “There is a bunch of girls walking towards me and they are all in costume. There is Catwoman, Slutty Nerd, Slutty Zorro and other assorted slutty people. I feel very self-conscious for them and myself.”

Friend: “Hahaha! Take a pic with them.”

Me: “No, it’s embarrassing enough.”