Apple of my eye


I nearly cried at this Taiwanese movie. (OK, I may have secretly teared a little in the dark and wiped my tears off before anyone could see how sensitive I really am!) It is really one of the best movies this year or perhaps even ever. I could relate to almost everything that happened to the male protagonist (the main lead) and how he felt about the love of his life aka “the apple”.

If you haven’t watched it, then I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you… Yet.

There were a few scenes that really grabbed my heart and made me reflect on the choices we make in life, whether right or wrong.

Turns out there is no right or wrong. Whatever that we decide to do in any particular moment in time, there is perhaps another us in another universe making a different choice and the outcome would turn out differently.

The decisions we make in a spur of the moment could make us happy or break our hearts. The thing is we’d never know which would turn out better for us so we can only imagine the infinite possibilities.

Sometimes we need a really good poignant movie to remind us to treasure the things or people we tend to give up too easily on because we always think there will be something better in future.

What if you have already met The One and you foolishly let them go?

Maybe because you think your family wouldn’t approve or you said hurtful things in anger or you were too stubborn to change your mind. And then when you were hurting so much or you realised you have made the biggest mistake of your life, you want to make things better but you don’t know how.

There are many times in life when all it takes is a simple sorry and to let go of your pride to make two people really happy. And yet there are equally many times when two people walk away from each other crying over the same broken relationship.

There was this scene where they were on the phone but miles apart from each other and leading separate lives and they looked up the night sky at the time.

He said to her: 「也许在另一个平行时空里,我们是在一起的。」

She replied:「那 另一个时空的我们 一定很幸福。」

The quotes loosely mean: “Maybe in an alternate parallel universe, we’d be together. And in that world, we’d be very happy together.”

Along the journey of our life, sometimes the pain would awaken us and we would finally realise what had really mattered and what we have lost. And our hearts would ache at the memory.

In the same phone conversation with her, he told her there must be a lot of people who like her.

And she said: 「被你喜欢过的我很难在觉得别人有很喜欢我。」

What she meant is she will never ever feel as loved by anyone else because no one can love her as much or the way he had loved her.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

In another scene where they were sharing their aspirations, he said out loud that he wants to make a difference in the world that he lives in and then he looked at her and silently thought:


Likewise, I once told someone a long long time ago… “You mean the world to me.”


This comment made me LOL

This comment on Reddit just made me laugh out loud. Maybe it’s a nerd thing but I totally get how the commenter felt.

And I can’t stop laughing still at how ingenue the whole comment reads. If there is something you have to read today to end your weekend right, then let it be this. Or if you find yourself dreading Monday and you need a quick pick-me-up, look no further than here.



Chocolate goodness


I love drinking hot cocoa, especially during rainy days where the skies are gloomy and the winds are biting.

It’s nice to hide out at a quaint, cozy cafe and enjoy the warmth from holding the cup of delicious frothy chocolate goodness. What’s even better is you get some fluffy marshmallows to dip into the drink and the yumminess that melts in your mouth after? Heaven.

And as you settle back in the comfortable couch, and as the hot drink warms you up, you look around you and you think to yourself: “This is life and it is awesome.”

And you turn around because someone is telling you something funny and you start laughing and you can’t stop. When you finally catch your breath, you give a witty reply back and the person laughs in return. You feel even more awesome and the smile on your face feels like it’s here to stay for a long, long time.


Inner peace


Po: “You’ve gotta let go of the stuff from the past because it just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.”

Po: “Ah… My old enemy… Stairs.”

During a duel with Shen the peacock…
Shen: “Who do you think you are, Panda!”
Po: “Who do you think I am, Peacock!”

Wise words, Po, wise words.

Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 have got to be among my favourite cartoons of all time. Po is simply hilarious.

I remember watching the sequel in late May this year and I laughed nonstop in the cinema. The characters were adorable, the lines were witty and the storyline was plausible and heartwarming.

There was also a twinge of sadness that kept me hooked. I teared at the scene when baby Po was put in a basket and sent down the river by his mother. Such a heartbreaking arc to the story. Then the scene where his dad Goose found him amid a bunch of vegetables made my heart melted. Baby Po looked so adorable!

And when he grew up, Po in his own bumbling, awkward, innocent and yet awesome way, manages to win over everyone’s heart, including Tigress’. I feel that there’s a bit a lot of Po in me and I can totally relate to him.

One of the best movies in 2011, I reckon.


As happy as Spongebob and Patrick


Hi, I hope you had a weekend that was as awesome as mine because I had so much fun that I am feeling generous in sharing my joy. Quick, revel in my awesome weekend vibe before I take it back!

And I am going to tell you something I recently discovered about myself. Drum rolls please…

I love having fun like a fat kid loves cake! And I’m secretly a child under all these layers of adulthood.

Yesterday, I had the most fun I ever had this year and I was so giddy with joy that I nearly passed out. Haha, true story.

Everyone who met me the past few weeks all said the same thing about me – that I have this joie de vivre, or “natural high”, and it was extremely infectious even though they think I am insane. Some even said they can’t stand how annoyingly optimistic I am with life. One tried to push me down the canal once but I laughingly waved her off. Another one would shake her head while the other would remind me to take my medication to keep my craziness hidden. HAHAHA.

Either they are a very cynical bunch or I am really a child in an adult suit. Do not answer my rhetorical question.

It’s as though I have this bubble amour around me and everything just bounces off. Or MAYBE I JUST RADIATE SUNSHINE OUT OF MY ARSE. What can I do when I am naturally this delightful, eh?

But mostly, my friends would laugh till their tummies ache at how enthusiastic I am over every single thing and how wonderful I think everything is and how keen I am to try new things all the time. They say they have never met anyone who can get “high” on life so easily, without any alcohol.

Like if someone said “let’s go west”, I’d go “OK!” and start heading in that direction without asking why. If someone suggests to go anywhere foreign, I’d raise my hand first to sign up for the excursion.

Or if someone starts talking about eating some exotic cuisine, I’d eagerly grab everyone to go try it because I want to do something interesting or just to see what it’s like.

I bet if someone tells me there’s a pot of gold at the end of a very tall bridge if I jump off from it, I’d do it. Partly because of the gold but mainly because I want to experience the adventure of jumping off a tall bridge!

Just yesterday, the minute I saw Kung Fu Panda from afar at Universal Studios, I started running after him because I wanted to take a picture with my favourite cartoon character.

Then I slowed down, realising that my mates were still behind me so I started skipping sideways like a crab scuttling really, really fast and looking behind me anxiously to see if they could catch up while I continued chasing the panda. As I was running, I was shrieking: “Hurry, hurry, I saw Kung Fu Panda and he’s disappearing! QUICK! QUICK!!!!”

Then halfway, it was as though the world around me had paused. Time had stopped. Voices and noises were mute because I suddenly realised I was back to being 10 years old again and that was exactly how I’d react in my childhood. It was only a snapshot moment of thought before someone hit the play button on life again. But it was an epiphany that made me smile.

That was when I realised I have never really grown up. Maybe deep down, I’m a young kid at heart.

You know what, I feel very much like Spongebob Squarepants and a little bit of Patrick! There is this sense of childlike candour and innocence in me that I can’t quite explain in words. I wish I could just put your hand on my heart and let you feel what I feel. That’d be so much quicker.

Just like Spongebob and Patrick, I always try to look at the bright side of things. Sometimes I laugh at the silliest thing I do because I can be quite duh at times. I even sound duh IRL!

I’m overly helpful at times, especially when I am familiar with the subject matter. I get very excited whenever I learn something new and I’d always tell someone about it so they can learn something new too. I’d start using my newfound knowledge in my conversations just to apply what I learned but mainly it’s to show off. HA!

I always think the best of everyone because I truly believe in human goodness like how Spongebob never sees what mean things Squidward does or says to him. Or at least I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt anyway. A bit naive of me, some would say.

I’m blunt at times when I speak without thinking. I can be ridiculously honest but it also means I’d always say what I mean and I will always try to keep my word if I have made you a promise. Just like how Spongebob would carry on working even if he had an injured, seriously infected right thumb. Or how he would try to help or make Squidward happy even if his neighbour always bullies him. Because we are kind like that!

Isn’t Spongebob the most adorable thing ever?

Every day seems like a perfect day to have fun and every little thing could easily make my day and make me grin so wide my face feels overly stretched with Botox!

I think I have reclaimed my happy bubble (which was lost since early 2008) and I’m going to annoy people with it. Hehe.

P/S: I love watching Spongebob cartoons!


Two hot women in love

This is a post about a Cantonese love song from a popular singer, Denise Ho, in Hong Kong. I first listened to some of her songs in 2003 and I’ve always enjoyed watching her videos, which you will see why later.

Ho is an androgynous, good-looking, hip girl and her songs always contain gay themes. In an Asian culture where people still tend to keep their same-sex preferences under wraps for fear of being outcast by society, Ho has never been afraid to write songs about things people find difficult to express out loud. I find that extremely brave and refreshing, especially coming from a pop idol who can influence many others.

Maybe that’s why this song has such a magnetic hold over me. Plus, I’ve always find Cantonese music soothing and beautiful.

Actress Shu Qi guest-starred in the music video, which brought the song to another level. The range of emotions she displays onscreen without any props really shows how talented she is. Shu has also been consistently ranked as one of the top 99 most desirable women in the world since the mid 2000s and this video will totally prove why.

I can’t find more information on both of them in English, but I guess it doesn’t matter when this video is so incredibly sexy, with the music tugging at the core of each and every of your heartstrings.

Here’s the strikingly beautiful video of the poignant song:


Withered tree sprouts life


This was a fortune telling slip I got from my prayers at a temple on 30 October. Cool eh?

According to the interpreter, the oracle is based on the 27th scripture of famous Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang.

Xuanzang lived in the early Tang period and he was famous for his seventeen-year journey to India. His travels were recorded in the classic Chinese text Great Tang Records on the Western Regions, which also inspired the popular epic novel Journey to the West.

The interpreter, who is a kind old lady, said this is an auspicious fortune. Depending on what I had asked the God for, it means success will arrive but it will require plenty of patience on my part. She kept stressing on having immeasurable patience that I had to bit my lips so I wouldn’t laugh out loud.

It’s times like this I wish I have a better understanding of the Chinese language. So I wouldn’t be so stumped in deciphering these words of wisdom. Now I have to rely on my memory to recall what the lady had said.

What the topmost paragraph basically means is that Xuanzang had to travel a great, long distance and encounter many dangers along the way to collect the scriptures. But his disciple will arrive on a cloud of magical powers during his time of need to fly him to his destination. *exhale* I think. (I’d have to ask someone to translate this again.)

The second paragraph means on the day I see success, the stars will appear and flowers will bloom. And a withered tree that was once thought dead will sprout life once again and happiness shall prevail.

Gosh, I really need to find someone who is well-versed in Mandarin to guide me through this. This feels so poetic and beautiful. I hope I have translated it as close to the real meaning as possible.

Throughout the entire conversation, she kept stressing that I have to show utmost patience and to let things run their natural course.

The last section of the oracle means this fortune is good for heralding lucky stars, recovering from illnesses, receiving wealth and career success.

The auntie said repeatedly that I must be extremely patient and calm just like how Xuanzang was. I must also have faith that things will work out the right way for me in the end. She can’t tell me how long it will take for me to realise my goal. It does not mean I do nothing but I should do the best I can (although I am not sure how that will work out since I don’t know what I am supposed to do!).

In life, we can’t control what others want to do or feel. The only thing we have control of is ourself and the rest is about faith.

Above all, be patient. There is no need to hurry things. Stay calm and trust that I will achieve what I asked for.

Sounds fab, doesn’t it? I feel very blessed… And hopeful for the amazing future that awaits me.


Perfect weather



It was a lovely day, one of the most gorgeous days and weather I have ever experienced this year. I took these shots before I stepped out of the house today. The skies were clear blue, with chubby white fluffy clouds rolling past my window.

The trees were swaying, tickled by the passing cool breeze, which then travelled into my room, caressing my face gently before heading out the window again.

You could see the sun’s presence in every leaf, every glass pane, every reflection. Yet it was a lovely cool day.

Everything seemed so vibrant and brilliant at the same time. It was like someone decided to turn on HD TV and change the screen mode to a highest pixel resolution available.

It was a good day for a picnic, for a walk in the park, to people-watch at a quaint cafe, to play with other pets out enjoying the day with their owners, to have a quiet meal under the skies, to lie on the soft grass and fantasise about the future, to just chill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I have to say this city is pretty awesome. Where else in the world could you have lamb chops, wanton soup and steamed buns in one single meal? And to eat it under such lovely weather?

It was perfect. Thank you.


I heart Lardee

Everyone needs a Lardee in their life. We all need Lardee in our lives.


Isn’t a chubby, innocent, blur-looking Lardee the cutesy thing ever?


Even when Lardee is being naughty… You can’t help but smile because he is just so adorable.


And from one of my all-time favourite stories of Lardee and ickle…


I heart Lardee so so much. Maybe because Lardee reminds me so much of myself. Haha!

I hope Lardee has put a smile on your face today.