Perfect weather



It was a lovely day, one of the most gorgeous days and weather I have ever experienced this year. I took these shots before I stepped out of the house today. The skies were clear blue, with chubby white fluffy clouds rolling past my window.

The trees were swaying, tickled by the passing cool breeze, which then travelled into my room, caressing my face gently before heading out the window again.

You could see the sun’s presence in every leaf, every glass pane, every reflection. Yet it was a lovely cool day.

Everything seemed so vibrant and brilliant at the same time. It was like someone decided to turn on HD TV and change the screen mode to a highest pixel resolution available.

It was a good day for a picnic, for a walk in the park, to people-watch at a quaint cafe, to play with other pets out enjoying the day with their owners, to have a quiet meal under the skies, to lie on the soft grass and fantasise about the future, to just chill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I have to say this city is pretty awesome. Where else in the world could you have lamb chops, wanton soup and steamed buns in one single meal? And to eat it under such lovely weather?

It was perfect. Thank you.