Two hot women in love

This is a post about a Cantonese love song from a popular singer, Denise Ho, in Hong Kong. I first listened to some of her songs in 2003 and I’ve always enjoyed watching her videos, which you will see why later.

Ho is an androgynous, good-looking, hip girl and her songs always contain gay themes. In an Asian culture where people still tend to keep their same-sex preferences under wraps for fear of being outcast by society, Ho has never been afraid to write songs about things people find difficult to express out loud. I find that extremely brave and refreshing, especially coming from a pop idol who can influence many others.

Maybe that’s why this song has such a magnetic hold over me. Plus, I’ve always find Cantonese music soothing and beautiful.

Actress Shu Qi guest-starred in the music video, which brought the song to another level. The range of emotions she displays onscreen without any props really shows how talented she is. Shu has also been consistently ranked as one of the top 99 most desirable women in the world since the mid 2000s and this video will totally prove why.

I can’t find more information on both of them in English, but I guess it doesn’t matter when this video is so incredibly sexy, with the music tugging at the core of each and every of your heartstrings.

Here’s the strikingly beautiful video of the poignant song:

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