Apple of my eye


I nearly cried at this Taiwanese movie. (OK, I may have secretly teared a little in the dark and wiped my tears off before anyone could see how sensitive I really am!) It is really one of the best movies this year or perhaps even ever. I could relate to almost everything that happened to the male protagonist (the main lead) and how he felt about the love of his life aka “the apple”.

If you haven’t watched it, then I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you… Yet.

There were a few scenes that really grabbed my heart and made me reflect on the choices we make in life, whether right or wrong.

Turns out there is no right or wrong. Whatever that we decide to do in any particular moment in time, there is perhaps another us in another universe making a different choice and the outcome would turn out differently.

The decisions we make in a spur of the moment could make us happy or break our hearts. The thing is we’d never know which would turn out better for us so we can only imagine the infinite possibilities.

Sometimes we need a really good poignant movie to remind us to treasure the things or people we tend to give up too easily on because we always think there will be something better in future.

What if you have already met The One and you foolishly let them go?

Maybe because you think your family wouldn’t approve or you said hurtful things in anger or you were too stubborn to change your mind. And then when you were hurting so much or you realised you have made the biggest mistake of your life, you want to make things better but you don’t know how.

There are many times in life when all it takes is a simple sorry and to let go of your pride to make two people really happy. And yet there are equally many times when two people walk away from each other crying over the same broken relationship.

There was this scene where they were on the phone but miles apart from each other and leading separate lives and they looked up the night sky at the time.

He said to her: 「也许在另一个平行时空里,我们是在一起的。」

She replied:「那 另一个时空的我们 一定很幸福。」

The quotes loosely mean: “Maybe in an alternate parallel universe, we’d be together. And in that world, we’d be very happy together.”

Along the journey of our life, sometimes the pain would awaken us and we would finally realise what had really mattered and what we have lost. And our hearts would ache at the memory.

In the same phone conversation with her, he told her there must be a lot of people who like her.

And she said: 「被你喜欢过的我很难在觉得别人有很喜欢我。」

What she meant is she will never ever feel as loved by anyone else because no one can love her as much or the way he had loved her.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

In another scene where they were sharing their aspirations, he said out loud that he wants to make a difference in the world that he lives in and then he looked at her and silently thought:


Likewise, I once told someone a long long time ago… “You mean the world to me.”

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