Happy days

The past five days have been so amazing and awesome that I can’t believe I’m so blessed. I had and still am having such a great time that I’m still can’t grinning whenever I think about the love and kindness I have from my friends and family.

In fact, I’m so delirious with joy that my expression is exactly like when my favourite Milk Toof – Lardee is really tao zui (also known as “drunk with happiness”).

You don’t know what “tao zui” means? Tao zui at level one looks just like this:


You can’t stop grinning now too, can you? Especially when you see both Lardee and ickle having so much fun like “wheee!” (tao zui level two) here:


Bet you want to start jumping on some bubble wrap now too… Because we have reached the ultimate high in Tao zui-ness:


I can’t stop smiling when I look at Lardee’s and ickle’s happy pictures. It’s as though I have this permanent grin on my face. I absolutely love this feeling. Don’t you?