Check Kate Moss out at Ritz Paris

Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci silk organza blouse with paillettes and crystals, silk knit tank, silk cady skirt with zipper detail, and crystal jewelry. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci gloves.

I clicked on this gorgeous pic of Kate Moss only because I saw “Johnny Depp” in the headline and I was curious to find out more. Both of them dated and had a torrid affair in the early 90s (I can’t be bothered to fact check. You can do it yourself). And it is always very satisfying to read gossip about celebrities.

Moss posed for photographer Tim Walker in a pictorial spread at the glamorous Ritz Paris for Vogue’s April issue and in the interview, she revealed her favourite memories at the storied hotel, which were hilarious.

  • On staying at the Ritz with her ex-boyfriend: “When I was with Johnny Depp, he always stayed there. I had an apartment in Paris at the time, but he said, ‘No, we’re staying at the Ritz,’ so he came by and swept me up to the Ritz – he didn’t want to slum it in my apartment!”
  • On walking in Versace’s show: “Gianni’s shows were amazing – and sooo convenient. Walk downstairs, go to work: Love that!”
  • On her favourite cocktail: “I drink the French 76: vodka, sugar, lemon juice topped up with champagne; it’s the best drink ever, but it only tastes like that in the Hemingway Bar. Colin [Field, Ritz Paris head bartender] made it for my wedding. It doesn’t taste at all strong – and then, whoa, whoops-a-daisy!”

Oh, the rest of the article is a very nice read as well. It was an lovely insight into the glamorous world of fashion shows and haute couture, and of course, a little history of Paris and the Ritz in the old days.

Another hilarious incident by André Leon Talley:

“My best fashion moment was in 1996, when Karl took over the entire first-floor Imperial Suite for his couture show, to observe the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mademoiselle Coco’s death. He had two shows that brisk January day, and between them Naomi Campbell, Shalom Harlow, and Kate Moss came to my room—a simple one with two armchairs and the bed in a neoclassical alcove—and took naps. Karl and I walked in to find them all lined up asleep under layers of fine piqué sheets, like fairy princesses, false eyelashes still in place.”


Whatever will be, will be

I have been very attracted to myself lately. I see pictures of myself and I can’t stop admiring how awesome I look. I KNOW.

I have noticed a few differences this time round. I have stopped wondering about the “what ifs” or the past or worrying unnecessarily. I look forward to the future with a certain sense of joy.

True, there are times where I’d fall into a relapse and feel like I have put my life on hold or feeling overly hopeful. But I’d quickly acknowledge it, wave it goodbye, and urge myself to keep moving forward, even if it’s a tiny step a day.

I do what I like whenever I want to. I stopped overthinking everything. If I feel like doing something, I go straight out to fulfil my desire without hesitating. I no longer have the “maybe I should wait another day” mindset.

Like that day I felt I should learn how to play a guitar again. After only the slightest of pauses, I went to take the guitar out of the storeroom, downloaded a few training apps and started strumming again. In time to come, I’d be able to serenade someone special with a love song. HA HA!

More importantly, I love how decisive I have become and how focused I am on myself. If I like it, I do it. If I don’t, I let it go. Only positive thoughts, actions and people allowed in my life now.

Yes. It’s all about ME, ME and ME and how much I enjoy my life and that I am my top priority.

But I admit there are times where I would unconsciously hold my breath in when I dreaded certain things or I’d forget to exhale when I assume the worst of something. Then I’d remember I’m alive and I have to love myself most because no one will ever love me more than I can. And so I breathe.

When I find myself trying to overanalyse something, I stop and see it for what it is. My mind will switch off. Well, I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I don’t think deeply enough, but I believe that things will work themselves out somehow because I am happy and I know my happiness will bring forth even better things to me.

If you like me, you take me for who I am. If you don’t, I couldn’t care less because I am not going to linger and wait for your approval. I will walk away.

Because I have said what I want out loud, I am no longer afraid.

Que sera sera. What will be, will be.