When Molly met Shane

Two years ago on Nov 21, we were at home lazing in on my big comfy bed. It was a Sunday. We had spent the entire day feasting, playing and laughing. We were snuggling in each other’s arms when you suggested watching The L Word because you had stopped halfway in the middle of Season Five before coming over to my place. (Also, you had a massive crush on Shane. Then again, which girl isn’t?)

So we downloaded this Chinese media player on my computer and you pressed “play” on episode 10. Shane and her friends were cycling for a charity competition and this girl Molly, whom she had a bad breakup with, flew a long distance to see her. And to explain things and naturally, to declare her love.

After we watched the scene, I had tears in my eyes and you said to me: “This is how straight girls really feel inside when they are with a girl. You will never understand.”

I held you tighter and I remember your words ever since.

On July 30 last year, you tweeted the same video and you said: “Just like all the other stupid girls…”

I favourited it. This year, this scene popped up in my head again. Maybe because we have been talking a lot about scenarios with your favourite andro pop band recently. As I recalled our conversations and rewatched the scene with Molly and Shane, I came across something I wrote in early 2010:

I am just a girl waiting for someone to love me madly.

Like what Molly said to Shane:

“I don’t know if I am gay, I don’t know if I am straight but I do know that I want to be with you… I am here and I am crazy about you.”

And they kissed and made up. Anyway, just watch the YouTube clip again. It’s really sweet and touching.

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