Yes or no


I watched this Thai film “Yes or No” recently and I cried quite a fair bit near the ending. The premise is about two girls who are adversaries at first when they share a college dormitory room and over time realise they have fallen for each other.

Sweet-looking Pie (Sucharat Manaying) is uncomfortable when she finds out her new roommate Kim (Supanart Jittaleela) looks and dresses like a boy. As their friendship develops, Pie and Kim realise the feelings they feel for one another is more than an ordinary friendship. They realise what they have is true love.

But true love always faces obstacles. Their mutual friend tries seducing Kim while Pie’s mother disapproves of the relationship so the star-crossed lovers splits. Then they spend many scenes apart, thinking about each other and reminiscing the happy times they share. When Pie opens a note Kim had left for her, it read: “When you’re brave enough, we shall dance like butterflies together.”

That is when Pie picks up the courage to look for Kim at her home. You can watch the extremely touching scene (with English subtitles) in the link below while I grab some tissues.

Pie says: “I’m sorry. I was afraid. I was confused. I was afraid of everything — I am afraid that my mother would be angry with me, that my friends would tease me, and that I was afraid of the stares from strangers … but now I know that if I am still afraid, I’ll lose you … and I don’t want to lose you.”

After a long pause, Kim walks up to Pie and holds her gently from behind. “Thank you for having the courage to love me.”

Remember how I used to send you home the next morning after you stayed over at my place and how we’d look forward to seeing each other again? Those tender kisses and loving moments in the cab just before I drop you off and head to the office. Those furtive texts to each other while you eat your breakfast or play with your dog and I am still on my way to work. Then you’d ask me if I’ve reached the office and I’d answer “yes” and we’d chat for a bit more before you fall asleep, this time in your bed.

Whenever you’re asleep in my arms and I am still moments away from drifting off to sleep, I’d gaze at you and think how perfect we must look, entwined in each other’s limbs and breathing softly in unison. And every time since the first night you fell asleep on my bed, I have always thought you are incredibly beautiful and I still do. I miss hugging you from behind with the smell of your hair in my face.

‘In that book which is
My memory…
On the first page
That is the chapter when
I first met you
Appear the words…
Here begins a new life.’

— Dante, Italian author and poem of La Vita Nuova.

(Listed in The 100 Best Love Poems of All Time by Leslie Pockell)

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