Accomplishment starts with trying

Accomplishment starts with trying

You never know what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

I thought of three potentially lucrative (it may not necessarily mean financially) ideas in the past two weeks and once I get through my exam on Monday, I am keen to get started on them. NO more delays. And more effort needed. I just need to get started. That’s really the first step in completing anything, really. Otherwise, procrastination just gets in the way. Sounds familiar?

Anyway, I am into tarot card reading and crystals recently. It’s not that I am superstitious (!) but it wouldn’t hurt to have the powers of the unknown behind me.

Tarot cards have been in use for more than 500 years, first in trick-taking card games and, since the late 18th century, as tools for fortune-telling and occult divination. I personally like the divination part and I do feel the predictions are mostly accurate (then again, I could just be gullible).

So I got a reading in May and this is the forecast for my personal life this month.

June (a 3 personal month in a 6 personal year) is an excellent time to give yourself a break. Take some time off. Enjoy yourself. Don’t be too serious. This is a time of enhanced creativity and originality. Become involved in playful activities. Participate in social events. You will meet new people who’d offer a welcome change to the routine aspects of your life. Your career may seem unpredictable now but will be much better next month. Luck in financial affairs is likely now. Romance is also favourable. The emphasis of this month is on fun and leisure. Enjoy.

Hehe, sounds like I will be socialising a lot in fun activities in June, with money and love coming my way. And I will also start utilising my creativity for some stuff (lucrative projects, I hope). See, I feel more awesome than usual already!

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