Happily ever laughter


What a wonderful weekend! In fact, what a wonderful week it has been! And I can’t wait for the week ahead, and the week after that and weeks ahead! Yes, I know I am ending every sentence with an exclamation mark. I can’t help it. I’m just too happy and excited and in love with my life. So I’ll add a few more exclamation marks for good measure. Whee!!!

I babysat Milo (my naughty but adorable dog) on Monday evening because my parents were out of town. Even though he destroyed the remote control and left a pile of poop in a corner of the house, I still feel a surge of love whenever he comes running and wagging his tail at us. We then went for a long run and came home happily filled with endorphins. I made him dinner, I ate my dinner and then settled back to read the papers while he snoozed next to me. It was so incredibly blissful that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

Tuesday I came home to a wonderful feast of the King of the kings of fruits: Mao Shan Wang durian. Its flesh was so thick, so creamy and so bittersweet with just the right amount of firmness. Its seeds were tiny, meaning there was lots of durian flesh to enjoy. It was much better than a chocolate orgasm. Seriously. I felt so lucky and pampered that I had to remember to eat slowly so I could savour every single bite of the best durian ever.

Wednesday I attended my first ever baking class and it was enlightening. I never knew how much egg yolks, butter, cream and sugar we use to make desserts. Now that I know the truth, I can never un-know it. 😦

But it was fun learning to bake flour-less chocolate cake (it might be healthier to continue using flour if we had to use twice the amount of yolks and butter just to replace the flour), raspberry tart and creme brûlée. The class was also interesting as a learning ground for me. It made me realise I have absolutely NO passion in baking and standing around the chef while she gives us instructions. Perhaps it was my frighteningly short attention span but I knew then that I’m not a born baker; I much prefer to eat the chocolate chips than trying to melt them into sauce. So that’s another wonderful day of learning for me.

I met up with some friends on Thursday and we went shopping for our Saturday plans. Then we had a delicious Korean meal that I totally enjoyed and can’t wait to try it again. See, yet another great day and to make it even more awesome, it was Friday the next day! Win.

Friday. We’ve reached the promised land. Work was easy breezy and time flew by quickly. I went for a beauty product launch held at this mega-club that I have never gone to before so that was an eye-opener. Drinking refreshingly tasty Sangrias in the company of very well-dressed fashionistas was exciting. It made me felt like I was part of the cool crowd. HAHAHA!!!

I made some new friends there and they dragged me off to another party and I got to know more new people. I was on such a happy alcoholic buzz the whole night that I felt like a super cool kid. Oh, oh, and I received some expensive products (that I’ve been thinking of purchasing since last week) from the launch, which means I get to save money now. Seriously, how wonderful life is? Are you jealous yet? Are you? Are you?

But what made Friday night even sweeter was when I got home? I spent a few hours talking to someone I really adore. We ended up texting until we fell asleep. That was nice.

And Saturday was the local Mardi Gras party held in a big park. It was loud, it was brightly coloured, it was hot, it was crowded, it was humid, it was FUN. My friends and I brought our dogs along to celebrate the freedom to love (regardless of what gender you prefer) and everyone gave the dogs more attention than they gave us. I told my friends that we were just the owners with blurry faces in those people’s minds. Haha!

We then had a yummy ramen dinner al fresco style at a quaint neighbourhood while our dogs lounged around us. It was incredibly beautiful and tranquil. That was when I thought: “I wish you were here to share all my happiness with me tonight.” 🙂

After dinner, we took a stroll before parking ourselves at a stylish cafe for desserts. Sitting there, sipping tea and eating cakes while looking at the dogs exploring their surrounds and chatting and laughing with my friends just felt so amazing. You really feel that life was perfect and there’s nothing more you want in life than to do this every weekend. I perked up at one point during the conversation and said: “Tonight feels like a Sunday. But it’s not!”

My friend then quipped: “Which means we have another day to enjoy ourselves!”

And we all grinned at each other. Again, I wished you were here with us tonight. You’d have so much fun.

Sunday was just so fucking perfect. I never laughed so hard for two hours in my life. It was a great decision to watch a comedy matinee (pictured above). I have never been prouder of my nationality and my country. And you know what made it funnier? Having a beer during the intermission and getting a lovely buzz in the second half that made every line the comedians said thrice as funny. You’d have loved the play and enjoyed yourself today. I know I did.

This is such a long entry for what I really want to express. Hehe. What I really want to say is: I love this entire week. I love my friends. And I love my life.

And we all live happy ever laughter.