Love life your way


The headline “Love life your way” is a quote printed on this T-shirt I bought ages ago and Sunday was the second time I wore it. I truly believe in the message. How else can you be yourself and behave as who you truly are, without compromising your values and your personal happiness? Hard, right?

Do the things that make you happy, be spontaneous, stay calm, enjoy the little things, and you’d be naturally be full of joy. It’s as easy as that.

I love my life so much that I feel a need to brag share my joy with you. Ha! Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable ones I had this year, and I can’t wait for the upcoming one!

Last Friday, I went to this fancy club with my friends and we blew $3,000 on six bottles of Jaegermeister and whiskey, martinis, beers, cocktails and mixers. We danced on the platform in full sight of everyone in the very crowded club, and took silly pictures at the photo booth. It was so fun, but tiring. My legs were aching when I finally made my way home at 3am.

Five hours later, I was up and about, rushing to pack for our exciting day at the theme park. Planned at the last minute, it was amazing how spontaneous my friends and I are. We even had time for a leisure breakfast, before strolling to the theme park as though we had all the time in the world. And fact of the matter is, we always have time as it’s how we perceive urgency.

We had such a wonderful Saturday that I am so glad I decided to go. The weather was perfect. The forecast had said there would be showers, but the skies were clear the entire time (a bit too clear for our liking because the sun was scorching). Everywhere we went, it was always the right timing or there was a short queue so we never had to wait long for a ride. We took the scary rollercoaster rides, the 3D rides, plus the many kiddie rides, and we absolutely love every single moment.

We were so relaxed that we could stay till 9pm, with no hints of fatigue. We then saw a wonderful display of fireworks, took more silly photos at the souvenir shops, and had a delicious meal of ramen (I had such a fun time that I almost didn’t want it to end). Yet, there is so much to look forward too!

Then I met another group of friends for drinks at a cozy bar. With our favourite chilled ciders on ice in our hands, we were laughing, and chatting non-stop until it was time for the bar to shut. What a great way to spend Saturday!

The next day, the supporters of the arts, aka my friends and I, had a lovely time at the theatre. We were dressed hip and funky, and we were bowled over by the quality of the musical presented. The cabaret dancers were so stunningly decked out, the sets were elaborate and the actors were in such top form that I am so glad we decided to buy tickets for this! It was really worth every penny!

Then it was dinner at an old school themed food court. We ordered a feast and proceeded to eat like kings. Wish you were there with me? Haha!

After the sumptuous dinner, I headed off to meet another friend for the allegedly legendary The Stone Roses! I think I’m a psychedelic rock fan now.

So that’s it, my weekends are full and packed to the brim with arts, culture, food and loads of fun! I really can’t wait for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I have big plans ahead.

What about you? What did you do and what are you planning for? 🙂

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