Chest pains


I’m lying alone (at 2.20am) with my head on the phone… Thinking of you till it hurts. No, really, my chest really hurts.

It started at around 9.30am today when I sneezed and I gasped because a sharp pain hit my chest. Before I could figure out what went wrong, I continued sneezing a few more times and I felt the same sharp jab on the middle-right side of my chest after every ‘ahhh choo’.

Soon I had difficulties breathing. And I couldn’t stand straight without my chest aching. My breaths become more shallow and the pain spread out to cover a larger area of my chest. It hurt so much that all I could think was: ‘I’m too young (relatively) to have a heart attack!’

Then an hour later when I didn’t collapse, all I could think was: ‘I’m too young to have acute chest pains!’

Every time I coughed or sneezed today was agony because my chest would flinched inwardly from the sudden flush of pain. So I tried breathing deeply and refrained from exerting too force or strength when doing anything. I still can’t sit or stand straight. I am thinking maybe I slouched too much and my posture the past four days was terrible, so it culminated to the chest pains today. You reckon so?

Then I googled this WebMD site, which quite accurately described my symptoms (see pic above). Which also means my condition appears to be more serious than I thought. Omfg!

It’s more than 17 hours since my chest had hurt and the pain is still here. I can’t stretch or turn my body as it’d hurt.

My verdict? I think I watched too much House MD TV series recently and I’m scaring myself over nothing. Well, if the pain doesn’t go off by next Thursday, then I’d go visit a doctor for some professional advice.

Till then, wish me luck that I remain healthy to celebrate me turning 30.