Don’t give up on what you want most


I think this rule applies to almost everything in life. Want more money? Work hard. Want to have a successful career? Work hard. Want to get good grades? Work hard.

‘Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.’

It’s true, you know. If you just lay there and watch TV or play your favourite iPhone game the whole night, what sort of rewards do you think you will get in return? Money? Job offers? More knowledge? Haha!

So with this in mind, I shall get up from bed now and start on some way overdue work. Procrastination is a very scary habit to have… Everything just piles up and you end up having to clear a lot of work at once. 😦

It’s only the 25th day of the new year and I already feel jaded and unmotivated. How to get through the rest of 2013 at this rate?!

But still, life has been good to me. And according to the feng shui for the upcoming Year of the Snake, I’m gonna have a very good year ahead, especially for my career and wealth prospects. Hehe! Wish me luck!

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