It was when I met you


What a heartfelt poem.

In episode 14, season one of FRIENDS in The One With The Candy Hearts, Chandler agrees to go on a ‘blind’ date who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend Janice and after lots of champagne and whiskey, they end up in bed together again. The next morning, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, Janice buys Chandler candy hearts for the occasion, but Chandler decides to break up with her — again. Before Janice leaves, she says to him:

‘You seek me out. Something deep in your soul calls out to me like a foghorn…… You want me. You need me. You can’t live without me. And you know it. You just don’t know you know it. See ya.’

In season eight episode 15 of FRIENDS in The One with The Birthing Video, it’s Valentine’s Day and Joey has been nursing a deep crush on Rachel. He desperately wants to confess his love for her, but knows he should leave her alone. He finally cracks under the pressure when Gunther asks if he wants anything from the menu.

‘You know what I want? I want a lot of things! I want to be with the woman I love on Valentine’s Day! And I want her to love me back! And I want just one moment of relief from the gut-wrenching pain of knowing that that’s never going to happen!’

Happy Valentine’s Day. I miss you.