Good things are going to happen


I have to believe that, no matter what.

I was watching the movie Crazy Stupid Love in the morning and the scene where Cal was trying to convince his ex-wife that he has always loved her and that he still wants her back really spoke to me.

‘I was trying to move on. But I don’t want to. You’ve always been the only one.’ —Cal Weaver #CrazyStupidLove

Crazy, right?

Can’t believe we are approaching the fourth month of the new year and it still feels like I haven’t done anything important or useful with my life.

This is most likely definitely because I’ve been procrastinating a lot and letting laziness take control of my life. I have a growing pile of work to do and I have been ignoring it, choosing to go out to play or to do other non-essential things instead. Sigh.

So many dreams and so many goals and none completed so far. It’s what someone would say ‘Chuk Jik Kee Chui’ aka ‘all talk but no action’. Hahaha!

My tarot card reading for the coming month is again very optimistic, like my character in general. But none have appeared to come true so far!! Disappointing really. So would the next prediction be accurate? No eye deer!

The pendulum
swings back from the insensitivity in March to heightened awareness,
especially of others. You are aware of the emotional subtleties that lie beneath
the surfaces. You take nothing for granted.

Your wisdom and diplomacy will surprise people and prevent several situations from becoming explosive.
Relationships with subordinates and higher-ups will improve. You receive support and are well-spoken of.

Your intuition is keen; rely on it, and respect any premonitions you may have.

Someone you meet sparks your interest, but you may find that the person is unstable and fragile. You play the role of teacher and counsellor in this relationship.

Your understanding and intuition also offer you the means to heal formerly difficult relationships.

Signs of good things to come? Awwww yeah!

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