Keep your thoughts positive


Here’s something positive I came across on the Internet and thought: “How apt!”

It’s been two tough weeks for me. I was an emotional wreck, but you wouldn’t be able to tell if you had seen me because I’d force myself to look cool and calm, no matter what. Even if I felt like I was dying inside, you’d think I’m a chirpy person. That’s how thick my walls are.

So other than chanting “I choose me” ALL THE FREAKING TIME and doing it consciously whenever I feel my mind wandering, I have been thinking about calming my mind down and clearing my thoughts. You know, like being in the present moment, and not worrying about the past or the future? And I finally did it for five or maybe 10 minutes at least!

How? I went for a meditation class on Tuesday and it was enlightening — not to the level of Buddha’s enlightenment, but was good enough for an amateur like me. The teacher explained to us the benefits of meditation and how we can practise it in our daily lives. And my mind was like “Wah!!!”

Yeah, I was mentally blown away. Meditation can help me reduce the noise in my head, ease the agonising migraines I get every weekend and more importantly, blunt some of the emotional pain eating inside me. All because you learn how to focus on your breathing.

I feel like I’ve worn an invisible armour that’s helping me deflect anything negative away. It’s like a really awesome force field you see around the spaceships in sci-fi movies!

I felt refreshed, my mind was clearer and I was totally buoyant after that short meditation session. I was so impressed, because if you’re a keen long-time practitioner, the teacher said, you would one day be able to let your mind be as clear as the reflection of a calm, still lake.

Right, and I’m going to start practising meditation every day from now! You should try it too if you think it can help you go through difficult moments. Go google all about it! It’s worth your time and effort, I promise.