I like to generate my imagination so much so that i need a place to store all these generated imaginary stuff somewhere. Can’t let my mind get overheated, can we now? Shh, don’t answer that.* So I thought having a blog would be a good place to start. A place where the products of my mindless imagination come alive. Or not. It really depends on my mood. Or how much money you give me. Yes, my soul imagination has a price. Come tempt me already.

Of course, if you would like to get more information about me, please look up my contact page for more details.

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Stay in touch with whatever musings (evil or otherwise) I may have by simply clicking here and choosing your favourite feed channel. While it is not really life and death, it would be nice to have people line up to comment and pay me homage for my spectacular wit. Oh, do take the hint already.

*Someone once told me I have a mind of a Pentium One, so slow I’d only get the joke the next day or worse, never. Guess where that someone is now? In a bloody decomposing heap dumped at a dark alley, that’s where. **

**Of course, I’m not a bloody cold murderer. I wouldn’t be here typing this in a dark dinky corner of my lonely 4×4 cell with rats and cockroaches for company, would I?***

***Seriously, I am not a murderer and that someone^ is alive and well as far as I could tell from this little cell window.

^She told me not to fuss my pretty little head over things that don’t matter and I smiled after that. At least, she thought I was pretty. Not sure about the little part though.