One year gone and The Imaginarator’s 2009 list

I had my heart broken for the longest time in 2009. I’ve also lost a few friends but picked up some awesome new ones along the way. I smashed the car badly and paid a hefty fine. I found my inner geek. I conquered bits of Southeast Asia with a bunch of mates. I realised I can get over a heartbreak by the same person twice and I don’t need other people to make me happy. I got better at churning out 3,000 words monthly. I kissed someone really hot. I signed up and went for gym classes religiously for two months running. I scaled up an artificial hill without losing my nerve halfway. I love the geeky items I got for my birthday. I gave myself one of the best birthday/X’mas gifts ever – an iPhone which I’ve been referring it as my lover. You don’t want to know.

But I know it’s the time of the year where people like reading lists so here goes:

Honourary mentions for all the movies (the ones that I can recall) I’ve watched in 2009: Yes Man, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Confessions of a Shopaholic, I love you man, Monsters vs Aliens, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past, Star Trek, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Terminator Salvation, Up, The Hangover, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, Inglourious Basterds, Pandoram, Pink, Whiskey with Vodka, 2012, Planet 51, Avatar, New Moon.

Best movie I’ve seen this year: I can’t decide, so I’m just going to go with Zombieland since it was the last memorably hilarious flick I saw. Although The Hangover comes a second close.

Worst movie I’ve seen this year: I’m torn three-way between Transformers, Pandorum and 2012.

Best book I read this year: You probably won’t believe this, but I haven’t picked up a book to read once this year. I bought one though.

Best defining song I’ve heard this year and was to be my soundtrack at work ever since: No Ordinary Morning by Chicane

Bands I had no idea how much I’d love until I’ve heard them: The Weepies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Song that never failed to give me goosebumps: “Pray” performed by Take That in their Beautiful World Tour in Manchester, UK.

Worst months this year: January all the way to September and a little bit of October

Best month this year: December

Second best month this year: A tie between May and October

Best kiss I’ve received this year: It was on 29 October but since there are still several hours left in the year… You never know.

I managed to keep the one resolution I unknowingly made this year: That is to attain a body weight of only 50kg. I haven’t stopped drinking or smoking. I think my number one resolution for 2010 would be to maintain an upright posture whether standing or sitting because I’m kinda sick of people questioning my 168cm self. Unbelievable, I know.

I should also start getting sufficient sleep every night. Visit the gym and gain some ab definition so I can finally stop bringing my navel to my spine when I meet someone new. I should also start dating people who have less emotional baggage onboard.

All in all, I think I matured slightly this year. As I grew a year older, I’ve realised that I have a much higher capacity for emotional pain, clutter and hanging out in a larger group of people than I am used to.

In 2010, I’ll work on not getting my heart broken and updating both my blog and diary, which was an expected gift from J, every day, even if all I did was sleep through the weekend and no one’s going to be overwhelmed by reading about that. And finally, let go of the things that don’t matter and live in the moment because life’s too short to stay unhappy. If that’s not growing up, I don’t know what is.

Happy New Year, y’all. See you when I’m sober.


Oh my my, I have fallen

I walked past a store today and it was blasting this song and I am so enamoured with it, I’m going to share the YouTube video with you all right now.

Today is also the day I realised how effing amazing it is to walk around a hypermart selling nothing but gadgets and more gadgets. It was a geeky-wonderland. It has mini chrome fans and vacuum cleaners and laptop coolers which operate solely using the power from your notebook. There were mouses with more buttons than a TV remote control. Maybe one of the buttons can be used to summon pizza or beer while you’re glued to your computer screen.

Anyway, I felt giddy walking among so many techie stuff, I thought I’d hyperventilate if I didn’t drag them into a shopping cart and run to the cashier soon enough. But I resisted the temptation of consumerism. Okay, so I caved after half an hour and bought a new tee for my baby aka the iPhone. Hey, it was crying for a new colour. Somehow green didn’t bring out its eyes.

In other news, I’m off for a short weekend getaway in a few hours’ time and I have yet packed. Oh, I highly recommend you to check out my first post on this blog around a year ago. Just to see how far I’ve come and what a genius I am. Only joking obviously. It’s Christmas after all, and it wouldn’t hurt you to be nice and agree with me, would it?

Have a good holiday opening presents and going on a [alcoholic] liquid diet before the weekend is over. Go on, listen to the song again. You know you want to.


What does your birthday say about you?

I smoked with a glass of milk because that’s how I roll. Six more days and it’s my big day. Can’t quite say I’m jumping with joy yet. But enough about me. What does your birthday say about you?

Because this will make our lives better



My love

If I do not say anything to you, it doesn’t mean I am shutting you out. I am just afraid to make you run further away from me than you already are.

7 March 4.23pm


Meryl Streep and her OMFG face

See it to believe it because an overly excited Streep really brightens up your day. This video of Meryl Streep with her “OMGF, I can’t believe I actually won” face and then literally bouncing through the crowds to get to the stage and the award was well, hilarious. The joy resonating from her is inexplicably contagious, even  through the poorer quality of youtube. I actually had the size of a megawatt grin throughout the whole six minutes.

Now you can imagine the infectious energy on that day amongst the audience itself. Great time to be a fly during the Oscars’ ceremony tomorrow? Well, I wish I had voted for Streep in my office Oscars pool. Classy and slightly arrogant in a good way, that’s what she is. Here’s an excerpt of what the Academy Awards record-holder with 15 acting nominations, including one for “Doubt” in which she plays an old-school nun in a war of wills with a priest, said in her acceptance speech, courtesy of Huffington Post:

“Can I just say there is no such thing as the best actress, you know? There is no such thing as the greatest living actress,” said Streep. “I am in a position where I have secret information, that I know this to be true.”

She added, “I am so in awe of the work of the women this year – nominated, not nominated – so proud of us girls and everybody wins when we get parts like this.”


I am lost without you.

This Valentine’s Day, you feel so far away even though we are in the same country and a 20-minute cab ride apart. I am groping around in the dark unsure where you are in your feelings for me. I will be patient and have faith in the good which the Universe will bring me. One day, we will meet each other at the same point again.

For those of you with a date tonight, here’s a free tip:

The road to intimacy is lots of kissing. It is a great Philosophy every lover should heed.

Something I should have said earlier

It’s a big big moon in a big big world

Interesting enough, I did a Google News search for this lunar eclipse and out of the 26 hits on related top stories, 11 were from India news media outlets. What aren’t you telling us, India?

Oh, and moon, good job on trying to pass yourself off as a giant cookie. Almost got me there.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?


Oddly addictive pineapple tarts

Today, being the 15th day of the lunar calendar and all, marks the end of Chinese New Year. Which means no more addictive but fattening snacks such as pineapple tarts and pistachio cookies. That is if you haven’t been greedy and finished the whole stash long ago.

Oh and I did my part in the last lo hei tossing, pomelo munching and chewing down of mini pink and white glutonious rice balls. All to celebrate, or mourn really, the end of Chinese Spring Festivities.

According to Beijing media Xinhua, the first penumbral lunar eclipse of 2009 will reach its darkest peak at 22.38pm so the moon will be rounder than usual and also bigger till then. No need for fancy telescopes or binoculars. Perhaps you can double check if the estimated distance of 365,000 km between the moon and the earth is correct then.

Somehow I imagine the moon to look very much like this lovely pineapple tart. Without the little buttery ribbon and brown filling obviously.

Awesomeness packed in one tart

Awesomeness packed in one tart


There’s a chill in my heart.

Tonight, you have taken away my last piece of hope. It was as if I struck a wall and all my breath was taken out of me. My hands are numb as I type and I am trying so hard to rationalise everything. In the end, this says it all.

if only you knew

if only you knew


Maybe I can moo instead

Pity 2009 is not the year of the dragon. Or else this menacing look would have killed all other lesser contenders. That is if you can overlook the drooling.

Is it not my year yet?

Is it not my year yet?