Ride off into the sunset with me


You, me, riding off into the sunset together. How about it?

I’m going to love you so much that no one is ever going to be good enough for you. And I mean every word. And I’ve never been more serious my whole life.

Are you ready to ride off into the sunset with me?

I heard this song on TV and it was beautiful. It was from one of my favourite bands and the haunting melody for some reason made me think of you immediately.

You know how you can’t help it when sometimes you look at me and you realise that I am the best things that have ever happened in your life.

Because for you, I am perfect. HA!

P/S: By the way, according to my tarot card reading, November is an excellent time for business ventures, financial affairs and all things related to the material world. I should implement any changes I have been considering in my business affairs. I will also receive recognition for my past effort in the form of financial rewards, respect and possibly, promotion. Woooooo… hehe!

It will also be a good time to straighten out financial dealings I may have with friends or relatives as well, as this month is not a good time to go into debt.

Most importantly, November is a good time for love. Strong feelings and passionate exchanges on the emotional and physical levels make this an exciting month. Can’t wait! 🙂


No pressure


This episode 17 from season seven of How I Met Your Mother was funny and heartwarming and thoughtful all at the same time. Bittersweet and poignant moments to remind us how reel life takes its cues from the real life at times.

‘Whatever I thought was there, she thought differently.’ — says Barney when he was asked if he wants to get back with Robin now that she’s single.

‘No, look, I’m sorry I can’t do that anymore. As long as the door is even a little bit open, I have this feeling that I’ll just be waiting around to see if I win the lottery when you turn 40. I think you know how you feel about me now and I don’t think time is going to change that.
— Ted tells Robin after they try to work out if romantic love could still blossom between them.

‘Do you love me?’ Ted finally asks Robin. And he gets the closure he has been searching for after five years of secretly loving the girl he believes to be The One.

The scene ended with the hauntingly sad Florence and Machine’s ‘Shake It Out’ song.

As the sad music plays softly in the background, we hear Ted’s voiceover: ‘Here’s the funny thing: in my own crazy way, I was kind of happy. For the first time in years, there was no little part of me clinging to the dream of being with Robin, which meant for the first time in years the world was wide open. Because, kids, when a door closes, well… you know the rest.’

And the camera pans to Ted smiling as he walks out of the bar on a rainy day and continues his journey on a street teeming with passersby carrying yellow umbrellas.

For some reason, the ups and downs of Ted’s relationship woes and hopes resonate with me. And I find myself rooting for him at times. Maybe because I secretly want the things he want in life and deep down, my naive mind thinks that if there’s a happy ending for Ted, maybe… just maybe, my life will turn out the same wonderful way that I’ve always dreamed of.

Like what Marshall says to Lily when she tries to claim the winnings on her bet that Ted and Robin will never get back together: ‘Not yet.’

The best is yet to be.


Best I ever had

Nine days ago, we were scrolling through each other’s playlists on our phones and trying to decipher the type of hidden personality each of us try so hard to subdue in public. We had more than 1,200 songs each, so there were plenty to decode as we looked intently at each other’s phones.

After a while, the verdict was out. I was told that I am a secret pop-song lover who’s also a techno lian who secretly enjoys 90s ballads. I said she is an old fogey who is trapped in the new millennium and who should get out of the 60s–90s era. ‘Come to the future. It’s more fun here.’

I couldn’t stop ‘tsk-ing’ and shaking my head in disappointment at her, while she kept hitting my arm in (embarrassed?) delirium.

But we couldn’t stop laughing. Turns out, we have quite a few of the same songs on our playlists. It’s kinda embarrassing and gratifying at the same time, because there are just some songs that should remain hidden from public viewing. Hahaha!

Later, we shared a cab home and the radio was playing some tunes. We were chatting and I wasn’t paying attention to the music when she pointed out abruptly that: ‘This is your kind of song.’

So we paused to listen. ‘Why is this song my kind?!’

‘It just is! Listen to it carefully!’

So we listened and there were acoustics and some melancholy, pensive singing. ‘How is this my song?! Why?!’

‘You don’t like meh? Got acoustics and sounds a bit emo… This is definitely your kind of song. You look like the kind who likes this type of song.’

So we listened carefully again and I finally said: ‘Ok, you may be right. I do like this type of song. Who sang this? But why?! I still don’t understand why must this be my song!

‘I’ll ask Siri. [Held the phone up.] Siri, why is this my kind of song?’

Hahaha! And we couldn’t stop laughing until she nearly choked. Yes, I can’t help being so humorous. It’s a natural talent. 😀

So I went home to YouTube the video and you know what, I do love the song. Guess my friend, whom I have known only for a short while, was right in this. Ha!


Are you loving the pain?

I love putting my iPhone playlist on shuffle mode at times and letting technology play great tunes I may not have listened to yet (even though they have been in there for ages!). And shuffle mode was how I came across this gem on Thursday (27 September 2012) evening. It’s delightful, catchy and pop-ish soothing with simple lyrics and the right amount of ’emo’. The best part is I don’t even remember how it was in my phone in the first place.

So you must really listen to this single ‘New Age’ by British singer Marlon Roudette. I kept playing it on loop that night as I walked home. And I am playing it on loop on YouTube now. Find out why.

Are you loving the pain, loving the pain?
And with every day, every day I try to move on.
Whatever it was, whatever it was, there’s nothing now.
You changed. New Age.

I’m walking away from everything I… had.

P/S: Ooh! I just remember that I was feeling sad that evening and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, so this song was there to cheer me up at the right time. I felt slightly better after that. And I forced myself to get a grip of myself and my emotions, because staying strong and being optimistic are things I have to constantly tell myself to be good at.

Then I realised the solution was easy; all I had to do was walk away from it all. I shouldn’t have to waste my precious time thinking about her and losing myself in the process.


Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you, my love.

有些事情…… 是我每天都挂念的,但每一年… 只能说一次:生日快乐。

A long long time ago, we were chatting and you told me about a romantic Chinese movie that you loved a few years back. You said you watched it with your sister and you cried during the film because you thought it was very touching, while your sister thought the film was lame.

I was intrigued, because you loved the storyline and you told me a quote from the movie that made you emotional. I told myself that I would google about it and remember it forever, so one day I can maybe do the things the lead characters did in the movie for you IRL.

I scrolled through many videos and finally found a brief YouTube introduction of the Cantonese/Mandarin film:

Happy Birthday is about two soulmates who spend a decade doing everything but getting together as a couple. They seemed destined to be the perfect lovers, but the girl can’t commit to a relationship. Yet, they clearly love and adore each other, so they continue in this on-off quasi-relationship for many years. And no matter how far apart they may be, one would still call or text the other person on their special day and sing “Happy Birthday” every year.

I’m sure you know the storyline by heart… So really, here’s my message to you as this blog post goes online on 22 August at midnight sharp. It’s a song that amazingly has all the right words that I want to tell you, but can’t. Even the part where they spilled food on themselves and tried cleaning each other reminded me of us. Ha! Maybe this is why you like Chinese songs so much. *chios*

Happy birthday, my love. Hope you have a splendid celebration and Oh! The Places You’ll Go! because today is your day.


Summer paradise

I was at a friend’s place (so designer chic I could weep) on Sunday and she played a video that was accompanied by this song, which made me think of those carefree, lazy days where we’d lie in bed and play and laugh till our tummies ached.

I have never heard of the song until that day but those few minutes as the guitar was strummed made me wistful as the memories of us came rushing back to me. We were playing Twister in bed, we were galloping, we were taking silly pictures of each other, we were blowing bubbles, we were playing Kokology, we were dissing the contestants on American Idol, we were laughing, we were sipping wine, we were feasting on crabs and claypot rice, we were holding hands, we were playing scissors-paper-stone, we were spooning, we were kissing.

Sometimes it is not the lyrics that speak to us but it’s how the melody touches our souls and brings back the sweet memories that makes us like a certain tune.

I vaguely remember the song talking of happy summer days and how the singer longs to be back with the love of his life and how it would be paradise when they are back together again. How achingly close to the heart.

When the video stopped, I turned around and asked my friend if she knew the song. And here it is. Maybe it will take you to that lovely sunny day where you had the fun of your life with someone you loved dearly too.

Summer paradise by The Simple Plan


Lorax made me LOL

I watched the movie The Lorax by Dr Seuss yesterday and it gave me such a feel-good vibe that I watched all its trailers and featurettes on YouTube the whole of today, which made me smile all over again.

I was laughing out loud and giggling throughout the entire animated film, along with many others in the audience. We all laughed, went “awwww” at the touching scenes (and some probably even sniffed), tapped our feet at the catchy tunes, “grrr” at the villain in unison and finally cheered when a happy ending was in sight.

The movie poster said it was 126 minutes long but honestly it felt like only 15 minutes had passed. It was so enjoyable that we were disappointed when it ended because we wanted the movie to go on for a bit longer. It was indeed a brilliant reenactment of a Dr Seuss classic. I even stayed till the end of the credits, hoping that there would be some extended scenes.

You would have felt the same way if you had seen the bears (which were a crowd favourite). Look at them go “ooooh” and keep an eye on that cute fish in the right corner.


And Pipsqueak grinning with a mouthful of marshmallows.


The fishes were my favourite comedic elements though. They could sing and dance and even crow like the rooster in the morning.


More importantly, their expressions looked so adorable, innocent and “high” that they reminded me of someone’s facial expressions when she danced in a carefree “tao zui” manner. So happy that even Madonna copied her dance moves.


Another thing that fascinated me was Ted’s hair. It looked exactly like my bowl cut. I kid you not. From its individually coiffed strands and bowl-like shape, I thought I was seeing myself onscreen.


Right? Hahaha! So this is how I’d look if I were a cartoon. Oh, and the mule in the movie (not pictured here) looked exactly like my dog.


And so I’m going to watch this video again.

By the way, the book/movie ended with this quote, which could apply to many situations in our lives and the world in general.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. — Dr Seuss

[Images via YouTube and The Lorax official trailers]