Destined to be with each other


From the movie Superman Returns when Clark Kent met Lois Lane after news got out that Superman has returned to Earth and the buried feelings Lois had for Superman, the love of her life, came rushing back:

Lois Lane: ‘Can I ask you something? Have you ever met someone and it’s almost like you’re from totally different worlds, but you share such a strong connection that you knew you were destined to be with each other, and then he just takes off, without explaining why or without even saying goodbye?’

Clark Kent: ‘Well, maybe it was hard to say goodbye, because he had to go and … he wanted to say goodbye, but … maybe it was too difficult for him.’

Maybe it’s about time I finally let the pieces go and move on. I’ve carried you in my heart for a long time now and I am never without you, no matter what I do. And it’s the deepest secret no one knows… But me and anyone who reads this blog. Ha!


It’s my 30th birthday

Happy 30th BirthdayBe nice.

Today’s the day I turn 30. And I am a little nonchalant about the 30 years I have taken to get here. It should be an impressive milestone celebrated with the family, close friends and perhaps a life partner, but all I feel is ‘meh’. While in my teens, I’ve always thought I’d die young.You know, because I’d be living the fast and dangerous rebel’s life.

But the minute I hit 25, my perspective changed to ‘I want to live for as long as possible and to do great things in my life’. So far, I have accomplished the ‘live as long as possible’ bit, but sadly I’m still far away from the ‘do great things’ part and was getting depressed over it.

So what did I do? I Googled about ‘turning 30’. And my best friend did not let me down. In 0.43 seconds, it showed me 234,000,000 results on why turning 30 may not be that bad after all.

Julie Tilsner, who wrote about the subject in her book 29 and Counting, said:

‘Thirty is nothing to be afraid of. You’ve got a whole new decade to work with, and this time you’re prepared! You’re educated, you have years in the workplace, you finally know what your hair will and won’t do. You can still dance on tables, but you have some life experience. Turning 30 is actually a really awesome thing.’

All sounds very positive. So there’s absolutely nothing to feel gloomy or to freak out about.

30 Is Different for Everyone

When I was younger, I’d dream about being an astronaut, or a pilot (much like Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Still a brilliant film and a handsome guy, no matter what anyone says!) or Indiana Jones. Whether I become a lawyer or a doctor, I’d be cool, charismatic and carefree like the heroes I aspire to be.

Then I hit the teenage years and things started going downhill from there. I got mixed up in the wrong crowds, I played truant from school, I ran away from home, I gave up a promising sports career in the national team and I dropped out of school. All before I turned 16. In short, I got distracted from obtaining a good education that would supposedly set me on my path to greatness.

Two years later, I woke up metaphorically from my ‘going-nowhere-in-life’ slumber. I also had my first major heartbreak from a relationship I thought would last forever. I nearly killed myself because of one person, until my mum came home just in time to stop me. How silly, right? I felt stuck working in a restaurant. There is nothing with earning a decent living as a service staff, but it just didn’t feel like I was in the right job, doing the right thing I like. That got me thinking about my life, my future and myself.

I picked up the pieces, bit by bit. I changed to a permanent part-time job at a pub and I signed up for part-time classes to get the necessary certifications to get to the art school I wanted. I even went back to my former secondary school to seek help from my art teacher to improve my portfolio. That was how determined I was.

At age 20, I finally got into the art school I was aiming for. I was taking my car and motorbike licences. I had a relatively cushy part-time job. I met someone new to get over the heartbreak I had been nursing for the past two years. I was popular in school, just like in secondary school. So I was still cool, charismatic and carefree. I was delighted with life.

In the year that I was due to turn 21, I met someone who would prove to be a great love of my life. We spent all our waking hours together and we were inseparable and everyone was envious of us and what we had. There were rough moments. I had the nastiest temper and I was immature. And yet we were together for the next five years, most of which were good and we stuck together through the ups and all obstacles that objected to our relationship. We had a fiery relationship and sparks flew all the time. But it was tough to keep the spark between us alive, and ultimately, it was to burn out like a flame. I had to let go.

In my 25th year on earth, I found a job I enjoyed and something I can proudly proclaim to be relatively good at and skills that have enabled me to earn a decent living. I was a journalist. I’ve always wanted to write for a living and I did. I also met someone I thought I could fall in love with and start afresh in my love life. Well, it started afresh alright, but it wasn’t meant to last because I was still in love with the great love of my life. I couldn’t let go and it took a toll on me. I had volatile mood swings and my behaviour was dodgy. I would have dumped my sorry ass too, now that I am looking back. We spent close to a year together, but the relationship ended and gave me the second major heartbreak of my relatively young life. It took me a year to get over it and dust the debris away. One of the reasons I created this blog was to write about the pain I had inside me. I was broken for a long time, but while learning to deal with the pain, I learned many things about myself and I made some new lasting friendships that helped me through the turmoil I was in.

Soon the year I was turning 28 arrived. And I met someone whom I wanted to give my whole life to make her happy all the time. More than half of the posts published (and set as private) on this blog have been dedicated to her. I have never filled up so much virtual space about someone before. I have no idea if I would ever do (or feel) the same for anyone else again.

Now That I Am Finally 30
Now that I am turning 30, the past no longer seems like a chink on my armour. I get that I may not be as talented, as popular, as good-looking, as famous, as wealthy as other people my age, but it’s okay. I am still special in my own way; I am a little unique snowflake that will just be doing adult-like things in my own time. I may not be a best-selling author or a successful CEO yet, but I am still a success in my own way.

Should I have spent my teens studying hard and get Bs so I could have gotten into a good college? Should I have not spent all my hours on going to dance clubs and drink myself silly? On hindsight, maybe I should have. Should I have done better in art school instead of watching TV and playing Warcraft with my friends and indulging in Football Manager on most of my days? Maybe. But I didn’t, because I have not touched Warcraft or Football Manager since 2005 and I do not regret getting the most joy out of those games, even though I know I was wasting my time.

Yes, there are people who have made millions before they are 25, earn $10,000 a month by 27 or be famous and successful entrepreneurs before turning 30. Maybe I am an exception. Maybe I am on a different timeline from the rest and there is no happiness to be gained if I keep comparing myself with others. Life is not a race. Life is what you make of it and how happy and satisfied you deem yourself to be, not to spend your hours being envious of others.

Our whole idea about life before or after 30 should not be defined by the progress we are supposed to make or terms dictated by society. It doesn’t mean if we don’t realise our potential by 30, we are never going to succeed; there may be pieces of us that take years to gel and make us the successful person we will become.

According to Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals, we should live our whole life as if we’re in our twenties. ‘It’s that keep-inching-forward mentality that will allow you to be happy with your choices.’

Yes, I admit I am a little sad at the things I have not accomplished or the stuff I thought I would have achieved by now like being an extremely successful high-flyer, having my own apartment, being with the love of my life and travelling around the world. Maybe I am too old to be an astronaut now. Maybe this is the wrong era to be Indiana Jones. Maybe there were many decisions I could have made to get to a different place from where I am now.

But, have I failed at life? I went from a school dropout to studying part-time for a business degree now (very much like Larry Crowne but without the hot lecturer. Nice movie anyway. Go watch it!). I went from a junior service staff to having a relatively okay-paying mid-level media job I enjoy. I have my health (until the results confirm otherwise) and my parents who love me more than I can ever imagine. I am much more confident now and wiser than in my 20s. I am also more than okay to spend time alone and to enjoy my own companionship. I also value myself more. I imagine life can only go up from here.

I am not sure if I will like the idea of turning 30 at all, but now that I am already here, I might as well enjoy it while it last. After all, there’s still the looming 31 to dread over.

So, I will enjoy the year ahead with as much vigour as a unique little snowflake should, because I am 30 and to hell with the rest of you, I’m gonna celebrate by pampering myself the whole of today.

Because today is my day, and no one can be Me-er than Me. 🙂

And stay tuned for the 30 life lessons I’ve learned from my 30 years.

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Stuck in a moment

Few nights ago, I was putting on my green polo tee shirt after a shower when my head got stuck under the collar. I burst out giggling when I realised the tee was buttoned up. It reminded me of the random things that made our faces sore, our tummies ached from laughing too hard.

There was one night (quite a few nights actually) when we finally decided to change into pyjamas after chatting on my bed for the longest time. I passed her the green polo tee which is her regular sleepwear whenever she comes over. Her eyes were half closed and she was falling asleep sitting on the edge of the bed. So she sleepily put the polo tee over and paused.

“Huh? What happened? Why like that?”

And I burst out laughing. Her arms were sticking out through the sleeve-holes while her head remained trapped under the collar. She started making weeping baby noises, trying to pull the shirt down.

And I laughed even harder as she struggled to free the buttons on the tee blindly with her head under the polo tee. It was like the Headless Rider in Sleepy Hollow in a comedy but the prettier and more adorable version.

When I finally stopped laughing enough to help her unbutton the collar, she looked up. Her eyes were still half closed, her face was still in a sleepy daze and without warning, she stretched out to whack me on my side. “HUMPF!!!”

Shocked, I hit her back and sprung backwards immediately. Just in time too. Her arm were outstretched in that split second, all ready to give me a sound beating. Naturally, I have to start gloating. With a jiggle of my butt. “HA! You missed!!”

And we started chasing each other around the room, trying to hit each other without getting smacked in return.

Her arms were naturally longer and stronger than mine so when she finally pinned my arms back, I couldn’t retaliate no matter how much I struggled. Until a lightbulb flashed above my head. And I swiftly aimed a kick at her thigh. Which shocked her and caused another frenzy round of us hitting and now kicking each other furiously while laughing and screaming like energetic children at a playground in summer.


“Who said you can kick me?”

“You stop hitting me back!”

“No, you stop it ah!”

“Let go!”

“Ok ok, now we are fair!”

“NO! If you say it’s fair, that means it is not fair. I have to hit you one more time, ’cause it means you have hit me two extra times.”

Few more hits and kicks later. More laughter and running around.

“Now we are fair.”

“NO! According to you, when you say ‘it’s fair’, it means it’s not fair!”

It was amazing how we’d eventually stop at a truce. Well, we kinda have to pause because we would be exhausted, panting for breath and trying to recover from the “physical” activity.

If you are not fond of regular exercise, you should try chasing your partner around a small room. Works just as well in getting your heart rate up which will burn calories and fats.

While recovering, she would be on the bed and I would be standing beside the bed and we would gingerly scrutinise the red patches of damage on our arms and legs and pointing them out with shrill voices.

“You see! All red!”

“It is paining.”

Plus, she is fairer than me so the red marks tend to be more obvious and redder as well. My heart would melt whenever I see her face scrounged up in a pout.

I’d hold her close to me and tenderly kiss all the red marks I could see and rub her arms soothingly. Then we’d lie in bed in each other’s arms, forgetting about our pyjamas for a brief moment.

Because in that moment in time, the whole world may have continued spinning on its axis, but for us, time has stood still, leaving just us in our own world, enjoying each other’s presence in those quiet moments.

Those were some of the best times of our lives.

Oh and if you think getting stuck under the polo tee was adorably funny, wait till you hear about our “wearing boobies correctly in the bra” and her “arm pits shing” theories. Stay tuned for more.


Calvin and Victoria and Quincy

“Unusual downcast petals, much like those eyelashes.”

And those eyelashes she was referring to were mine. Heh.

It was 6 March when she took that picture. And Internet, that day was part of one of the best weekends we ever had.

We arrived at the quaint boutique hotel at 2pm after running our errands in the morning of 5 March.

Let’s digress a bit to our morning.

On our way to make my passport and identity card, we stopped by a shopping mall for my first unsweetened bubble tea experience. It was fascinating how a queue was in place even before the shop opened for business. We ordered and our ticket number was 29.

TWENTY PLUS NINE?! This meant that there were at least 28 people in front of us within an hour of that shop opening. I couldn’t believe it either.

Apparently, its unique selling proposition was that we can choose the level of sweetness in our drinks. That’s good for both of us, I guess, since we are a couple that prefers savoury meals over sweet ones.

By the time, we had our icy bubble drinks in our hands, we had to go straight to the traffic department to get my driving license done. The chewy “bubbles” were really addictive though. I can’t wait to try it again.

When we were waiting to collect the confirmation receipt for my license, she saw someone wearing a tee-shirt that had a tag line that said: “I’d do me.”

She immediately snapped a photo and uploaded it on Facebook with her witty quip: “I won’t.”

Everyone now. HAHAHA!

Well, let’s just say that person wouldn’t win any beauty pageant in our lifetime.

Now, back at the hotel after a slight tangent. A refreshing scent welcomed us as we walked into the lobby. It looked stylish, modern furnishes with splashes of cool grey, vibrant orange, pristine white and dark wood.

When we were discussing about our highly anticipated weekend getaway during our really yummy Korean dinner the night before, I told her if the room was really as awesome as what the hotel’s website described, I would strip my pants and run around the room with my arms in the air (Teng kor zhao).

We were not disappointed at all. The room, while small, was more than what we imagined. It was decorated in the way we envision our future bedroom to be like – cozy and yet sophisticated.

There was a king-sized bed with white covers and fluffy pillows. The desk, shelves and wardrobe were in smooth varnished white. The side tables were dark, matching the black LCD tv set, fridge and drawers along the wall. It was an impressive use of space. The closet door was linked to the bathroom so you or your clothes would be exposed when you’re using either one. The bathroom had a glass wall partition where we could see each other showering from the bed if we like. There were both a bathtub and a shower area. What really impressed me was that it was stocked up with Molten Brown’s toiletries. I absolutely love them!

The complimentary red wine, unlimited minibar drinks and snacks probably got our adrenaline pumping too. Not forgetting the white comfy bathrobes and bedroom slippers.

So yes, I ended up running around the room in my undies. Ooh, you’d love me in my new undies which was a gift from her. It was in summer green and you could see my butt cheeks peeking out from them. According to her, she was “highly turned on” seeing me walk around in my Calvin’s.

She should have seen herself in her sexy smoking hot Victoria Secrets’ lacy purple lingerie. I wanted to devour her over and over again. I was that hungry for her satin smooth creamy body. The way her dark wavy hair fell nicely over her shoulders as we looked into each other’s eyes, the way our lips fitted perfectly, the way her body melted into my arms make moments like these worth cherishing and repeated over and over again. There’s more but that’s between us only. 😉

Oh, American Idol was on TV and it was that day when we found our favourite contestant, Pia. She sang like a diva-like brunette Celine Dion that day. Our goosebumps stood up even though we were snuggling and lying in each other’s arms under the covers.

Then our KFC and Pizza Hut deliveries arrived. It was a food feast for us! We ordered spicy chicken drumlets, Hawaiian pizzas, crispy chicken pieces, Zinger burgers and whipped potatoes. Let me tell you a little secret. Whenever we eat, we go all out to make sure our meals are like heaven on earth – meaning the more the better, the yummier the merrier!

We had planned to head to the bar downstairs for some cocktails before going to the restaurant for dinner. But we ended up too stuffed to move. Still, we were game to get tipsy and to get the night started, if you know what I mean. I can’t wink harder enough.

The bar’s outdoor patio was set in a serene lush green surroundings. The cool evening breeze was lovely. And we really really liked the colour scheme – dark grey brick walls, cool grey rattan seats complemented with orange cushions. I’m definitely jotting this down for our future apartment.

We had vodka cranberries on the glass lounge table. I took a few pictures of her and she looked great in each shot. I thought to myself: “What a gorgeous girl I have and I really want to kiss her all over.”

But our adventure with vodka cranberries had to end early. Turns out we were not the fabulous drunks we thought we could be. The hotel bar was too generous with its alcohol serving. She started feeling dizzy. I was already woozy by then.

We had to put on our straight faces and walked past the reception to the lift. The minute the door closed, we burst out laughing. IT WAS THAT HARD to hold back our giggles.

When the door opened, a couple was about to enter the lift so we stumbled out grinning sheepishly. We wobbled our way blindly to the room door breathless and very tipsy. Then… We tried swiping the key not one, not two, not three but many many times and the door just wouldn’t let us in. I mean what do a pair of drunk lovebirds have to do to get into their room. And then we looked up to the unit number.

We were at the sixth floor. Our room was on the 14th floor. To say we fled like the tornado was mild so to speak.

When we finally stumbled into our room, we crashed into bed in a drunken stupor. After a while, I got up and poured a glass of red wine mixed with 7-Up for her. Yes, we planned to get each other drunk. But maybe, just maybe, we went so far that we fell asleep. For a bit.

She then headed to the bathroom. ” l really have to puke.”

So I was her kind, loving better half who held her hair back while patting her back gently to coax undigested food and vodka out of her. We sat at the toilet for what seemed like a really long time.


“Hey if you’re not going to puke, I’m going to puke.”

And I nudged her out of the way before throwing up into the toilet bowl. She laughed and said I was adorable. Then again, I’m always adorable to her even when all I do is sit there looking at her.

We climbed back into bed and settled down for the rest of the night. Oh, I went downstairs to collect our dinner (which looked really delicious) in between. Gosh, walking around with a giddy head took up a lot of willpower. We woke up halfway to hydrate ourselves. Oh, and made fun of each other through the glass partition while peeing. But Internet, we have decided that we shall drink no more than two glasses each in future.

The next morning, we were up and about for breakfast. I made coffee for her. She got us some eggs. It felt nice sitting together reading the Sunday news while sharing a delightful meal. Just think how great it would be if we can do this every morning together.

After breakfast, we went to explore the infinity pool and the gym. She was really keen to try out the treadmills but we didn’t bring our trainers. So after a brief dip in the freezing water which left my nipples in shock and her teeth chattering, we were pleased to discover that standing on a section of the pool where we can see through all 12 storeys down to the ground can make our legs shiver.

We headed for the sauna. It felt authentic with its wooden wall panels and the way the charcoals sizzled when we poured water over. Except there wasn’t any heat. We tried looking for the instruction guide. There wasn’t any.

The hotel room was still the best place to be. We could run around naked, shower together (seriously one of the joys in life), eat while in a bubble bath (another simple joy), watch tv in a bubble bath (our life sounds pretty awesome huh), scratch each other’s back, tease the one trying so hard not to look shy while peeing, shampoo our hair together and share kisses whenever our eyes meet.

Soon it was lunchtime. We were waiting for our food when we noticed the little pot of flowers between us. It was that moment when she took the picture above.

Then she looked at me with soulful eyes. “I have not been hungry at all since yesterday. I don’t think I can eat anymore.”

I laughed. “Me too. I’m still so full. From yesterday. And there is still so much food left.”

Yet we felt blissful, very “fulfilling” and blessed.

Dear Internet, if there is one thing we are very good at, it is that we always have awesome weekend getaways and holidays together. We can spend our days doing nothing but laughing, eating yummilicious food together, laughing again when we recount the things we did the day before and kissing.

Also, Calvin and Victoria are our new best friends forever. BFF rules!


Our home away from home


It is a sunny late afternoon last month when we first arrived at the serviced apartment. At first, we could not locate it since it is nestled behind two main roads. It was indeed a hideaway from the bustling shopping and entertainment belt downtown.

Three imposing towers loomed over us as we walked into the first tower. The main lobby was well-lit and furnished with modern art sculptures and paintings. As we walked across to the second tower to check in, there were three swimming pools surrounded by the towers with pavilions flanking the pathway.

Walking into the cosily-lit lobby, a refreshing scent of osmanthus welcomed us while the staff on duty greeted our arrival with smiles. The lobby was decked out with modern art, luxurious couches, plush rugs and a contemporary ambience. Impressed, we spoke in hushed tones, fearing that we might disturb other occupants who were streaming through the doorway. Most were families, heading out to spend the remains of their Saturday.

Our guest service relation officer then brought us to the two-bedroom apartment that was to be our home for the next three days. It is in TWO WORDS – tastefully furnished.

Our future house

Let’s start with the living room. Clean cool colours outline the dark wood furniture, accessorised with quaint art pieces. You get to put your feet up in comfort in front of the entertainment system, complete with large flat screen TV, over 30 cable TV channels and a DVD player (pity we didn’t bring some movies along).

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a toaster, an electric kettle, a gas stove, a refrigerator, cooking utensils and eating cutlery. But really, it was the presence of the rice-cooker that impressed us most. Mainly because it took us by surprise as we had assumed most Caucasians expatriates would not have rice (a main staple of Asians) as part of their home dining plans.

There is a washing machine, ironing board and even laundry powder. In short, the apartment has all the things that make our lives a lot easier.

While the welcome gift basket (unheard brands of cup noodles and cakes, Ritz crackers, and Cadbury hot chocolate sachets) was a slight let-down when you have been given a visual feast of delights, knowing the entire place is fitted with free wireless internet more than made up for it. We could also use the cordless phone for free local calls or call the concierge for help.

Every room, bar the kitchen, is equipped with air-conditioning (something she really likes since she thinks she is always hot. Yes, all pun intended). Clean colours once again pervade the stylish master bedroom with dark wood furniture pieces surrounding the white king-sized bed. The second bedroom had two single beds which she immediately attempted to lock me in, taunting, “This room is yours! You belong to the kids’ room. The master bedroom is mine!”

Shower facilities are exactly what you would find in a five-star hotel. But we were asked to not to turn the water heater off because we would have to wait 20 minutes for the water to heat up. Over the next few days, we could also hear plumbing noises in the morning when the tenants above us used the bathroom. Weird.

Yummy meal time

It was 4ish and we haven’t had lunch so we cooked our first meal at the apartment. We had brought some instant noodles and cooking ingredients, fully anticipating our first of the many home-cooked meals together. We changed into more comfy clothes like, oh I don’t know, sexy pyjamas. She cooked spicy noodles, fried Taiwanese sausages while I made Ritz crackers with tuna paste mayonnaise and hot chocolate for her and tea for me. You know what, watching our favourite Discovery channel while eating a meal cooked by her was freaking awesome.

At around 5.30pm, someone slipped an envelope under the door which made us felt like we were in reality show “America’s Next Top Model”. It was a personalised welcome note that really made us think this serviced apartment truly values its guests’ comfort.

At 5.45pm, we headed out to get groceries for dinner. Although the map tells us we were only a stone’s throw away from the train station, we felt more assured when the helpful concierge pointed us to the right direction. We took the bus downtown and ended up in Cotton-On where we purchased some clothes for her. We then went to the supermarket, trying to stick to our mental shopping list without going over-budget.

And it was dinner time. She fried beehoon with “gong wans”, Taiwanese sausages and leafy vegetables. Internet, when we settled back with our gigantic plates of noodles in front of the TV, it was the first time we took more than an hour eating. She even went off halfway to take a poop before returning to eat. Which made me laughed. When she told me her mother would frown on her doing that, I laughed even harder. Yes, I thought that was adorable of her.

Oh, we had home-made mango pudding for dessert too. And it was my first time seeing her eat a mango. Just thinking about it now made me smile. Non-stop.

Sunday fun

The next morning, we were keen to try our hands at cooking breakfast. As it turned out, you can’t really fry hashbrowns, French toasts, baked beans and streaky bacon without incurring the wrath of the smoke detector. That made for an awkward 15 minutes of loud beeping in a very smoky kitchen and frantic calls to the concierge at 10am.

But when all the hoo-ha was over, it was the BEST breakfast WE had ever had. Sometimes I’d fantasise about eating it all over again during the days when I haven’t seen her in a while.

At 1.30pm, we were all set to head to the pool but we were unsure if we should bring towels or water down so we called concierge to check. Turned out we had to bring our own because a serviced apartment’s similarities to hotels can only be stretched this far.

It was a typical Sunday, with many kids splashing in the three pools. One even had a snorkel on even though the pool is 1.2-metre high. If you want to test your potential as an Olympic swimmer, there is a 60-metre lane for you to do just that.

We took 15 minutes to wade into the pool. The water was freeeeeeezing even in the day. When we finally made it into the pool, we swam under the cascading waterfall a couple of times. She thought it was fun. I was too busy keeping my nipples under control.

After a while, we tanned ourselves on outdoor deck chairs. The cheery vibe was infectious. One can really get used to this lifestyle.

An hour later, we went to the gym, which was one of the highlights of our stay. With everyone is out in the pool, it was a great experience having the gym to ourselves for an hour. It was also our first time exercising on the treadmill together. It was, as she said, “fun” even though I felt like I will never ever catch my breath again. It was adorable though to see her trying out all the weight machines one by one and leaving her sweaty thigh stains on the seats. She’d “humph” at me if she reads this.

We carried our aching sweaty bodies up to have a late lunch of pizzas. Ooh there was also some trouble with the washing machine. But it got fixed and she is great at doing laundry, just so you know while I am excellent at cleaning up and washing dishes.

We then baked blueberry muffins together. They turned out almost perfect – nice, soft and fluffy like all good muffins should. Although it was a little salty because we used salted butter to grease the baking tins, they tasted delicious. She did, however, said my body looked like the muffins, at which point, I rolled my eyes at her and pouted.

Dinner was really salty so the less said about it, the better. But I like that she kept praising the vegetables I cooked and how she loved salty dishes. That really made me happy even though I know she was inwardly dying of thirst! What a girl!

Of course, there was wine and ice cubes and more TV and some fun and games. But any more details, you’d have to clean your ears.

Monday morning

We were awake by 8.30am, eager to try out the buffet breakfast. Maybe we should have continued sleeping. When we walked into the dining lounge at 9am, it was already crowded with families and working professionals. The buffet had a limited spread with typical international fare like sausages, hardboiled eggs, salad, stale toasts, cereal and baked beans. Hardly sumptuous. The only saving grace was the coffee.

We found seats next to a friendly middle-aged Indonesian Chinese couple. The frequent travellers were chatty and the wife kept asking us about the various properties in the city. I like how friendly and sociable my girl was even though she was probably not keen on chatting. It made me love her even more.

By 10am, we were back at the apartment, thinking of cooking blueberry pancakes, noodles and kaya toasts for lunch. We spent time playing Words With Friends, watching Discovery Home, chilling out and generally enjoying the comfort of each other’s company until it was check-out time.

If we had to summarise the past few days of the urban weekend getaway, I’d say we complement each other very well in every possible way, from cooking, to cleaning, to shopping, to washing, to showering, to sleeping, to watching TV, to having fun, to exercising, to eating, to sleeping. Seriously, we are just too lovable together.


Another day in paradise

Driving into the sunset

I was on my way to meet you a few weeks ago when I took this picture. It was a Tuesday and we were going to see each other after being apart for almost close to a week. I was running late so I took a cab because every minute saved on travelling is another minute I get to spend with you. We were speeding along the expressway when I saw the sky covered in a golden sheen. It was nearing the end of the day and I was going to see you in a few minutes’ time. But you were still on my mind and this was a perfect moment to show you why.

I know I was born and raised here but there are still times when new malls keep sprouting up and most places remain unfamiliar to me. Now that I have finally settled down in Singapore permanently for the last three years, moments like this make my heart soar when I see how beautiful this city can be at times.

I am enjoying my life here, and it’s not just because of the free laundry and cooking services I get at home. This finally feels like home. I know right.


A Spanish kiss

So Spain won the World Cup. I know you know this news is more than a bit late and no longer newsworthy. But just in case you were the last few who have yet saw, read or heard about this gesture, you should know this made me go “AWwwwww” when I first saw it about a month ago. I had to stop watching it before I got a “brought tears to my eyes” moment then. Now I think it’s safe for me to post it. But after watching it for the fourth time, I’m not sure it was dust that got into my eyes.

Here’s Iker Casillas, the goalkeeper and captain for Spain’s national team, being interviewed by Sara Carbonero, a reporter for Spanish network Telecinco, after Spain won the World Cup by defeating Netherlands one nil. The game was unbearably boring. But this interview more than made up for it. Oh, you should also know that Carbonero is Casillas’ girlfriend.

Tell me, you couldn’t stop smiling after watching it, can you?


At every sunset

I was going through the photos I took using the iPhone when I was in Shanghai last month and I paused over the few shots I took of the sunset I saw while taking the ferry across the Huangpu River.

This is the picture I like best from the set and I want to enlarge it and hang it up on my bedroom wall. Well, I can’t decide really because I do have other shots of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets to choose from. But I definitely want to do it soon.

And i realised out of over 1,800 photos in my phone, close to a thousand shots were taken with you in mind because this is the closest I can get to sharing my experiences with you when you’re not by my side. Yes, I think about you all the time. Is it really a surprise?


Things I like more than I realise No2: Peaches

Juicy, tender and full of natural sweetness, I am talking about the fruit, not the raunchy singer whom I do sometimes enjoy when I am feeling the naughties. Right, back to the best edible gift Mother Nature has given us. The minute I bit into the chilled fruit, I felt like I was transported to a fluffly breezy world where I was drinking a nice long iced drink made out of 100% peaches.

So good, you have to eat it again

So good, you have to eat it again

Photo credits: Wikipedia


Things I like more than I realise No1: Hugs

Seriously, I even like them emoticon style. Ping me a hug* and i will show you one instantaneous  sunshiny wide grin emoticon. Now you know how to make me happy, come forth and brighten up my day.

Never knew hugs could be free

Never knew hugs could be free

* Starting from the top left to bottom right, the hugs, according to the Internets and me, are group hug, about to tackle for a hug, MSN hug, smile before you hug, manly group hug and cosy hug. Savvy?