Eureka showers

I realised some of my best ideas come about when I am bathing, which kinda sucks because I end up talking to myself and forgetting the whole monologue later.

Some of my wittiest quotes also occur while I am driving, which is pointless because if there is no one to hear me speak, do the quotes exist still?

I tend to look at my best when I am in the shower by the way. With my wet hair all slicked up and carefully cultivated foam beard, I suspect not many can resist me. The strategically-placed foam patches wouldn’t hurt my bathroom hero image either.


Listening: Like A Virgin by Madonna

This morning I made up my mind that today would be a great day for me and a great day should have a theme song to start. And so to trick my mind into filling itself with joy, I have chosen a lovely upbeaty tune. Now come bop your head along to it because honestly who can deny Her Madge-jesty’s magic, especially when it’s sung live by her 15 years younger.

I made it through the wilderness. Somehow I made it through. Didn’t know how lost I was until I found you. I was beat incomplete. I’d been had, I was sad and blue. But you made me feel. Yeah, you made me feel… Shiny and newwww


Poetry from a voodoo’s victim

My mate on her object of obsession and the sound of his laughter

Mate: It’s like the sun rays seeping through the curtains in the morning. Such a joy to wake up to. LOL!!!
Me: This sudden poetry…
I can’t take it. But I will blog about it! Hahaha!

Her personal conclusion? She has been seriously voodooed by him.


Why Foxtrot makes you smile

Math is hard.

Math is hard.

It does, doesn’t it? It appeared in the Sunday papers couple of weeks ago. I’ve always enjoyed Foxtrot. Very lovable and geekishly clever. Oh, and I tried solving the math problem. I couldn’t.


Musing: Thursday is agony

Thursday represents the ultimate downhill of the week when you are trapped in the dirty rat race. After getting over the Midweek Beer high, you realise you are not even close to attaining work-free nirvana.

You then spend this day miserably counting down to 6pm. Watching the clock hand going from 5.59 to 6 has never felt so gloriously euphoric. Why, this marks the arrival of Friday and most importantly, the weekend. Obviously.

5.59pm on a Thursday = agony


Before sunset

Sometimes taking the wrong bus home has its rewards. A brief stop to admire the evening light across the river.


This is for you, sunset lover