Perfect for each other


I laugh so much (and often out loud) whenever I watch Friends. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched an episode from the series but I’d still laugh at the same funny moments over and over again. And there are sweet scenes in the show that’d make my eyes well up at times.

The most recent episode that made me go “awwwwww” and tear up like a baby was when Phoebe and Mike are saying their vows to each other in The One With Phoebe’s Wedding (season 10, episode 13).

Phoebe: “When I was growing up, I didn’t have a normal mom and dad or a regular family like everybody else, and I always knew that something was missing. But now that I’m standing here today, I know that I have everything I’m ever gonna need … You are my family.”

[She puts the ring on Mike’s finger.]

Mike: “Phoebe, you’re so beautiful. You’re so kind, you’re so generous. You’re so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure, and I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I can’t wait to share my life with you forever.”

[He puts the ring on Phoebe’s finger.]

Phoebe: “Oh wait, oh I forgot … and uhm … I love you … and you have nice eyes.”

Mike: “I love you too.”

And the happy couple live happily ever after. Sometimes the story that a movie or TV show depicts is so inspiring and heartwarming that it fills me with hope and happiness for the future. I can’t wait for my turn to find my soulmate who’d be perfect for me in almost every way and we’d laugh every day because we know how lucky we are to have found each other.


Labour of love


On Labour Day, May 1, we headed out brimming with anticipation of the fun activities ahead. We had racked our brains so hard when we were planning what to do two days earlier. And we came up with a few suggestions but they were either too last-minute, no vacancy left or too time-consuming.

Our criteria were that the activities had to be in an air-conditioned area, not crowded and fun. She suggested knitting classes, baking and cooking while I thought a one-day hotel getaway would be fun. We could enjoy the clean amenities, sleep and feast our day away in a cool environment. But she wasn’t too keen on it. Then I hit upon a brainwave: we could go painting, have lunch and play games at a cafe, followed by dinner.

And so here’s the result of our labour after three hours of intense concentration. I painted Uncle Vincent’s Cafe Terrace at Night (pictured above) while she painted a popular Japanese character (below). And they are damn good replicas of the real pieces if I may say so myself. Ha!

While she said my painting was too abstract for her liking, I thought it’d look really great on the wall of my future house. Heh.

Anyway, I really really like her artwork. The little girl reminded me of a younger her with two little plaits and the pouting posture. I love how she painted her eyes too. Big, round and so full of emotions like a pretty anime character. (Also because she listened to my suggestion to put some white in her eyes, hehehe!)

Best of all, she has this secretive and almost cheeky smile that makes her look so adorable that I wanted to grab her face IRL and give her Boon Tiong kisses all over. You tell me, how to resist a face like that?



Champagne rings


How do you define love?

Haha, did that throw you off guard? That sounds totally deep and philosophical, isn’t it? So I had a lovely day out today. I have decided that my new favourite thing to do is watching afternoon movies on weekdays. Ticket prices are lower than usual and the crowds are almost non-existent.

But you would have to turn your tolerance level up several notches because there will be middle-aged couples who do not understand cinema etiquette of NOT picking up a call during a movie. In fact, they are probably ignorant since they do not even silence their phones before the movie.

And do you have any idea how loud these old fogeys talk? LOUD. Like THEY HAVE TO SPEAK IN CAPS KIND OF LOUD. Because they are nearly deaf, that’s why. It riles me up just talking about these inconsiderate assholes again. First, they disrupt my enjoyment of the movie. Then my anger distracts me from focusing on the movie because I’m trying to get these assholes to shut up.

Maybe next time instead of “SHH-ing” and “TSK-ing” them, I should let out a string of expletives loudly. Two can join in the game of “Let’s see who can be a bigger asshole and ruin the movie for everyone”. Right?

Ok enough, back to the Chinese film I watched. Love (2012) is about the love stories and relationship up-and-downs of eight people and I love it, even though some details were a bit farfetched. I literally laughed at loud at certain scenes and went “awww” at some loving moments portrayed in the film.


The opening credits are whimsically beautiful and the soundtrack is delightful as the film introduces us to the eight main characters who unknowingly cross each other’s paths while figuring out the meaning of love in their lives.

The love story arc that I particularly like is between Zoe Fang (Shu Qi), an older jaded lady who is used to a luxurious lifestyle from going out with wealthy men only and Kuan (Ethan Juan), an inexperienced naive younger boy who believes in true love. As they got to know each other, she realised she could be herself when she was with him. Whenever she spent time with him, she felt carefree and a sense of innocence that she thought had been lost.

After a few months of self-imposed separation, she met him by chance at an event and it was there where she proposed to him with a “champagne ring”.

After he returned her proposal with a handmade ring of his own, Kuan said: “你的未来全包在我身上了。” (I will take care of your future for the rest of my life.)

Zoe replied: “我不接受包养,我只接受爱。” (I don’t accept such [material] support, I only want love.)

It made me smile.

P/S: Another standout quote from the movie was from Nī, a young girl who confronted her best friend over a betrayal. It reminded me of a conversation I had with someone about her flaws. What a coincidence.


[Images via Laughing Squid and Chinese Movies]


I met Angelina Jolie’s hubby today

That’s right. You know the name. Now here’s the legend who made your loins weep with joy. Looks fab, innit.

Sexiest bread alive

Sexiest bread alive


Heartbreaks are the new diet

The only way to truly lose weight is to go through a massively upsetting breakup. Get your heart broken and thrashed to a state where it can never be mended back. You’ll soon find yourself losing the desire to eat, slowly skipping lunch, sometimes even dinner.

Mates and family and even various acquaintances have told me I’ve lost plenty of weight since five months ago. I don’t really notice the difference because you see, I’m overly obsessed with you and what you are up to. Just like a loveseriouslysickinthehead puppy. Knowing that I am nursing this unhealthy obsession and yet unable to stop myself from doing so makes me feel even worse.

My mates have counselled me, listened to me, consoled me, gotten angry for me, chided me, encouraged me but still, I go on and on like a broken record. I fear they have lost their patience in their part-time jobs as non-profit therapists. And they give really good and positive advice too. Like today, C told me, “You will look back at this and think yourself rather stupid for behaving this way because the next one that comes along is going to be so much better that you wonder why you’re so stuck with this one.”

But it’s just so hard to tell yourself you’re ready to let go. Especially when you are alone at home.

I’m broken-hearted still.


How to impress me with sheep and LED lights

Create this jaw-dropping masterpiece out of sheep, shepherd dogs and LED lights. Nothing short of brilliant really, my lips were in a “WOW” shape the whole time I was watching the video.

Submitted my 3,200 words today by the way. All right, deadline was yesterday but I prefer to ignore that bit so go along with me. Anyway I was talking to my mate yesterday about something that has been bothering me for a while and as you can imagine, it was turning into a huge inner Gollum-like conflict. Yeh, you do not want to mess with Stinker (for obvious reasons).

Imaginarator says: so I can’t ask about anything huh
Q says: u can ask if u feel like it but why ask
Imaginarator says: yehhhh it wld make me seem so hard up
Q says: and the answer u get is either the cruel truth or a lie
Imaginarator says: …

Well, either way I wouldn’t be happy. So I should really ignore what you are doing, intentionally or not, to me. All right, back to the sheep video then. Baaa-ry nice.


Tip on breakfast

If you eat a blueberry bagel with loads of cream cheese in the morning, you’re still going to end up with Blueberry Breath which, according to friends, is not a bad thing to have. At least until 10am. Much nicer than Coffee Breath, which frankly is quite unpleasant, especially if you receive a full blast of it into your nose at close proximity.


Non-stop laughing with Gervais and Elmo

Omg, how cute are Ricky Gervais and Elmo? This has ought to be the only time when I’ve actually not cringed when watching Elmo. Now I’ve watched the youtube video about six times and I still can’t stop clicking replay. HAHAHAHAHalirious!


Impress your mates with this word today

Ever wonder what those annoyingly chattering noises which insects make when they are in that grass patch is called? No, it is not called fucking. Luckily for you, I chanced upon the word earlier when I was on freedictionary.com, which by the way is one of my best mates, and yes you may be friends with it too.

Here you go:

Now go and use it in a sentence

Now go and use it in a sentence

Be honest, I’ve made you feel cleverer than you were five minutes ago, haven’t I?


Day Internet takes over the world

Ever wonder how long till Internet is going to rule the world completely? You won’t have to wait long now. Seems that a UN survey has found World Wide Web’s domination is almost ¼ complete. Matrix, anyone?

A survey by International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the UN, says nearly a quarter of the world’s 6.7 billion people now use the Internet. Oh, but that is nothing compared to the amount of people using mobile phones worldwide. More than half the global population apparently. Maybe mobile phones will get us first.

Out of curiosity, where do you prefer to sit when checking in with your flight? Personally, my bladder likes the aisle seat if it’s a long journey. Saves me the general awkwardness when I have to grin sheepishly and squeeze my legs over the cramped neighbour at the umpteenth time to the washroom. Turns out, my bladder has been the smart one this whole time.

It somehow knew window seats are not really all that awesome to die for. Now it has been proven fatal. (http://tinyurl.com/ccdzgr) It increases the chances of you getting deep vein thrombosis during a long flight but hey, nothing alcohol wouldn’t cure. The report adds a glass of alcohol prevents blood clotting. A good enough reason for me to get knocked out on a plane.

An interesting piece of news which kept me squealing intermittently like a spider-pig yesterday by the way, this blog just got the highest clicks ever, all thanks to this referrer site. 278 in one night and still counting! Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the unintentional love, Seattle!