Destined to be with each other


From the movie Superman Returns when Clark Kent met Lois Lane after news got out that Superman has returned to Earth and the buried feelings Lois had for Superman, the love of her life, came rushing back:

Lois Lane: ‘Can I ask you something? Have you ever met someone and it’s almost like you’re from totally different worlds, but you share such a strong connection that you knew you were destined to be with each other, and then he just takes off, without explaining why or without even saying goodbye?’

Clark Kent: ‘Well, maybe it was hard to say goodbye, because he had to go and … he wanted to say goodbye, but … maybe it was too difficult for him.’

Maybe it’s about time I finally let the pieces go and move on. I’ve carried you in my heart for a long time now and I am never without you, no matter what I do. And it’s the deepest secret no one knows… But me and anyone who reads this blog. Ha!


Best I ever had

Nine days ago, we were scrolling through each other’s playlists on our phones and trying to decipher the type of hidden personality each of us try so hard to subdue in public. We had more than 1,200 songs each, so there were plenty to decode as we looked intently at each other’s phones.

After a while, the verdict was out. I was told that I am a secret pop-song lover who’s also a techno lian who secretly enjoys 90s ballads. I said she is an old fogey who is trapped in the new millennium and who should get out of the 60s–90s era. ‘Come to the future. It’s more fun here.’

I couldn’t stop ‘tsk-ing’ and shaking my head in disappointment at her, while she kept hitting my arm in (embarrassed?) delirium.

But we couldn’t stop laughing. Turns out, we have quite a few of the same songs on our playlists. It’s kinda embarrassing and gratifying at the same time, because there are just some songs that should remain hidden from public viewing. Hahaha!

Later, we shared a cab home and the radio was playing some tunes. We were chatting and I wasn’t paying attention to the music when she pointed out abruptly that: ‘This is your kind of song.’

So we paused to listen. ‘Why is this song my kind?!’

‘It just is! Listen to it carefully!’

So we listened and there were acoustics and some melancholy, pensive singing. ‘How is this my song?! Why?!’

‘You don’t like meh? Got acoustics and sounds a bit emo… This is definitely your kind of song. You look like the kind who likes this type of song.’

So we listened carefully again and I finally said: ‘Ok, you may be right. I do like this type of song. Who sang this? But why?! I still don’t understand why must this be my song!

‘I’ll ask Siri. [Held the phone up.] Siri, why is this my kind of song?’

Hahaha! And we couldn’t stop laughing until she nearly choked. Yes, I can’t help being so humorous. It’s a natural talent. 😀

So I went home to YouTube the video and you know what, I do love the song. Guess my friend, whom I have known only for a short while, was right in this. Ha!


Madagascar love story


So Madagascar 3 is coming to the cinemas near me soon. And I’m re-watching Madagascar 2 and it is still as funny as the first time I watched it.

The penguins are, of course, a few of my favourite characters. King Julian (the lemur) is hilarious as ever and the love confession Melman (the giraffe) said to Mototo and Gloria (the hippo) is one of the most touching scenes in the movie. If I ever had to confess how much I love you, this would be something I’d say:

“Listen Mototo, you better treat this lady like a queen. Because you… you, my friend, you’ve found yourself the perfect woman.

If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect woman, I would give her flowers every day. And not just any flowers, ok? Her favourites are orchids. White.

And I’d bring her breakfast every day — six loaves of wheat toast with butter on both sides. No crusts — the way she likes it.

I’d be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend. And I’d spend every day thinking of how to make her laugh. She has the most… most amazing laugh. That’s what I would do, if I were you.”

It’s true, especially the last para. Making you laugh (and bringing you breakfast in bed) is what I want to do every day. You don’t have to go around the whole world to find the perfect partner… when all you had to do is open your heart and look at me and realise that maybe I am The One for you after all. That it has always been you and me.


Talking to you makes my day


The past few days got me reminiscing about those happy moments and even just thinking about how much fun we had makes me smile.

It could be that I am easily content or that I am simple-minded. But just receiving your text messages would easily make my day too. Imagine what would happen if you call me. Maybe I’d faint from the high levels of delirium running through my veins. Haha!

Ever since that night few years ago when in the middle of our regular text conversations you told me you wrote “ITETTYATSAEOE” in your diary, my heart was yours because I felt the exact same way.

I have probably told you long ago that I always have this stupid grin on my face whenever I talk to you and how you always make me smile stupidly in public or how I always have to stop myself from laughing out loud when there are people around. I love talking to you and sharing the events of my day with you so much that my day only feels complete when we surprise each other with happy texts in the morning, random texts throughout the day and wish each other “goodnight and sweet dreams” at night.

There are never bad days when I talk to you, only good or awesome ones.

The writers from How I Met Your Mother must have had a similar experience because in one of the Season 7 episodes, a scene gave what I felt a voice.

“When I let a day go by without talking to you… um… then that day’s just no good.” — Barney Stinson

And it’s so true… For me at least.


Full disclosure

I couldn’t sleep so I tried lulling myself to sleep with some pointless TV shows. But as you know, I often find meaning in the most random TV programme that would somehow relate to a particular point in my life. Tonight, Friends With Benefits Season 1 Episode 13: The Benefits of Full Disclosure has the honour.

In this scene, Ben is pining for his past relationship with Sara while he’s going through a rough patch so he goes to her place to confess how he feels about her, even though Sara is currently dating her journalist boyfriend. Naturally, Sara gets exasperated with Ben.

Sara: “How long have we known each other?”
Ben: “Around 10 years…ish.”
Sara: “And how long have I wanted a relationship and how long have I wanted to fall in love?”
Ben: “Since always…”
Sara: “That’s right. Do you want a relationship with me? Do you want to be in a steady relationship with me?”
Ben: “Woah, why must we put a label on us? Why can’t we just hang out and let things take their natural course? We are good together.”
Sara: “I need a stable relationship and I want love. I am ready for a relationship and you are not.”

And CUT. The scene ends with both parties looking forlorn about the prospect of not seeing each other anymore even though they really like each other a lot.

Well, this is more or less what I can remember of the conversation on TV since I can’t find any quotes or full recap or the script anywhere online. So you just have to trust my memory.


Chocolate goodness


I love drinking hot cocoa, especially during rainy days where the skies are gloomy and the winds are biting.

It’s nice to hide out at a quaint, cozy cafe and enjoy the warmth from holding the cup of delicious frothy chocolate goodness. What’s even better is you get some fluffy marshmallows to dip into the drink and the yumminess that melts in your mouth after? Heaven.

And as you settle back in the comfortable couch, and as the hot drink warms you up, you look around you and you think to yourself: “This is life and it is awesome.”

And you turn around because someone is telling you something funny and you start laughing and you can’t stop. When you finally catch your breath, you give a witty reply back and the person laughs in return. You feel even more awesome and the smile on your face feels like it’s here to stay for a long, long time.


Better lucky than rich

Someone said the funniest, or rather a very insightful thing to me earlier this evening. It was quote of the day for me.

We were reading about macroeconomics and how there is a link between household consumption and a country’s national income and expenditure.

So the theory goes that a worker is paid by a company and the worker would save some of the salary in a bank so the bank can reinvest the money on things that would make it rich (er).

Then the worker would spend most of the wages on perishable goods which would be profits for companies and pay taxes to the government which is how a country becomes rich. Are you seeing a trend here?

After absorbing the entire chapter, I finally said: “I wish the book would tell me how I can be rich and not how to make other companies, banks, governments and other countries rich.”

She laughed and said: “Why would you want to be rich? I rather be fortunate than rich.

“You see, what’s the point of being rich if you are not happy? Being rich doesn’t mean you’d be happy. Being lucky is so much better. Then you will always have what you need whenever you want them.

“You just need to earn enough and the rest will come your way. Then you’d be happy because you have all you need. Isn’t that better?

“When you are lucky, you will be happy. So I prefer to be fortunate than be rich.”

I sat there, staring at her in thoughtful silence. “You may be right. Being rich means having to pay more taxes and that won’t make me happy.

“So it’s better if I have a low income and pay little tax, then whenever I need something, good fortunate would show up and give it to me at the right time.”

We looked at each other and nodded in unison. “Mmmm…”

And we laughed. Life is indeed that simple.

P/S: I just had a brainwave. To frame our theory of (luck – income = happiness) in an economics formula, it looks approximately like this: L – I = H (Ok, maybe I have to refine it further but you get my drift.)

PP/S: I should have told her my nickname is Lucky. Bet you wish you could see how wide I’m grinning now.


Low-hanging fruit


Tell me honestly that you don’t think the image looks like a huge dangling boob? RIGHT?

When I first saw it, I knew I had to post this pic up somewhere and expose all you filthy minds. The more I think about it, the more the phrase “low hanging fruit” makes sense to me now. Still sceptical? Go, look at the picture above again. Right?

Oh and just yesterday, I had an epiphany (I seem to get a lot of that these days). A stranger was walking in the opposite direction of me and she had a smile on her face while she was trying to beat the traffic light at the zebra crossing. When I saw her smiling, I grinned as well even though she wasn’t looking at me. That’s when I realised smiling is contagious.

That is why there is this phrase “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” (ok, technically I came up with this phrase myself years ago but hey, you have to admit it totally makes sense).

In that moment when our paths crossed, we unknowingly felt happier even though we have started heading into opposite directions. And we were just strangers. Think of all the lives you could have a positive impact on, especially if they were your family, friends or people you know… And all you have to do is just smile (or be happy).

See! I told you I was on a philosophical roll.

And I have met a bunch of really nice friendly, helpful people. I feel seriously lucky. One of them even said to me: “You have to mingle and socialise. If you want to get ahead in life, you have to start forming networks.”

PEARLS OF WISDOM. Are you busy collecting all these generous handouts? I don’t dispense these pearls all the time. Just so you know.

Mmm, I have been sleep-deprived these days. Waking up at 7am and sleeping at 1.30am for six days in a row? Exhausting.

Ooh before I forget, someone said to me earlier today that I looked like I was 22 or 23 years old. I nearly didn’t want to reveal my actual age when I heard that. Ahem. What? I like to take what I can still get.

But things got a bit awkward when she asked me to estimate her age in return. You have to understand that I’m your typical, blunt, “words can bypass my head sometimes” kind of person. I hemmed and hawed for a bit before I diplomatically said “25?” in my most hopeful voice. And she was crestfallen. Poor girl is only 22. (Psst… But she really looks much closer to 30.) Shhh… let’s keep this between us.

By the way, life was so much easier when SATC stood for “Sex And The City”, and not “Short Run Average Total Cycle”.