Musing: Thursday is agony

Thursday represents the ultimate downhill of the week when you are trapped in the dirty rat race. After getting over the Midweek Beer high, you realise you are not even close to attaining work-free nirvana.

You then spend this day miserably counting down to 6pm. Watching the clock hand going from 5.59 to 6 has never felt so gloriously euphoric. Why, this marks the arrival of Friday and most importantly, the weekend. Obviously.

5.59pm on a Thursday = agony


Musing: Is it “a MBA” or “an MBA”?

I have always wonder if it is “a MBA” or “an MBA”. Whenever I verbalise it, I automatically use “an” before “MBA” and I never understood why. If you had thought about the exact same thing as I do, then great. You should read on to get enlightened because I have the ANSWER to this silly Ing-ger-rish rule bollocks.

So this article gave me an absolute stunner of a “proper” answer. Taken from the Chicago Manual of Style:

“Write what you say. MBA is an initialism, pronounced “em be ayy” or something like that). It begins, then, with a vowel sound: write “an MBA”.

But of course, if you have to be a gimp and write out the whole bloody “master of business administration degree” then start with “a” in front of those words. Simply because the explanation continues, “Initialisms and acronyms are generally intended to be read as such, whereas abbreviations (e.g., 5th St., read “fifth street”) are often meant to conjure the full form.”

Right, I hope you have filed this tasty morsel of information up in that head of yours. It’d be dead useful during any social gathering when you want to impress people. Or not. I don’t really care. I’ve gotten my answer.


Coffee cups and conversation

It's the caffeine speaking

It's the caffeine speaking

A day in the lives of the coffee cups on my desk…

Mr Maersk: How are you today, baby?

Ms Starbucks: Shut up.


Listening: Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung

I’ve been watching your world from afar. I’ve been trying to be where you are and I’ve been secretly falling apart. I’ll see. To me, you’re strange and you’re beautiful. You’d be so perfect with me but you just can’t see…


Listening: Heartbeats by The Knife

Mind is a razorblade. To call for hands of above to lean on wouldn’t be good enough for me, no.


Actors advocating drunk driving

Watching a movie where a couple brought out a bottle of wine during their car date on a secluded mountatintop or [insert secluded dark location].

Does the idiom “drink and don’t drive” not apply to them?