LOL every day to keep all illnesses away





Photo credit: Distractify.com

The 28 Most Flawless Responses To A Wrong Number Text…LOL! (http://distractify.com/fun/fails/24-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts/)


Photo credit: Distractify.com

The 35 Naughtiest Dogs On The Planet. You’ll Laugh So Hard When You See What They Did! (http://distractify.com/fun/fails/dogs-who-are-shamelessly-proud-of-what-they-just-did/)

Above are some of the funniest photos I’ve read in December 2013 and they are still funny in 2014. Both webpages are still open as tabs on my FireFox page. I can’t bear to close them just yet, because I still laugh whenever I read them again. And I’d laugh so hard that my stomach aches and my eyes tear. And since I’m a generous person, I am sharing them with you today, because I want you to laugh as heartily as I did. Haven’t you heard? Laughing really hard is equivalent to doing crunches and it’s more fun too. Fun and beneficial for health; what more can a rather lazy person ask for?

From the Telegraph UK (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/7635143/Laughter-really-is-the-best-medicine-as-doctors-find-it-can-be-as-healthy-as-exercise.html):

“… the high you get from a giggling fit was similar to the endorphin rush from exercise. … it can reduce your risk of a heart attack and diabetes and generally regulate the body’s vital functions.”

From the Discovery channel (http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/curiosity/topics/10-reasons-why-laughing-good-for-you.htm):

“… laughter improves blood flow, suppresses stress hormones and gives you a burst of exercise. … laughter has been shown to increase levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA), an important antibody that fights bacteria and infections, especially those in the respiratory system.”

Enjoy and spread the laughter!


Laugh at dogs that photobomb



I laughed, when I saw this pic last week, and I laughed again, when I saw it in my phone’s photo album today. The innocent expressions are so hilarious and I don’t think the dogs had any idea what was going on. Innocence is so adorable!

There’s a series of photos here that you can view and laugh to your heart’s content, though I have no idea how many of them were photoshopped (some you can blatantly see they are fake).

On Saturday, I was accosted by a McDonald’s in-house staff who was recruiting bystanders on the street to join the fast food giant. It was the company’s country-wide recruitment day and I happened to walk past the restaurant at 9:30am on my way to get coffee. Lucky me. She took my friendly smile and eye contact for consent to come forward to pitch to me how great working at McDonald’s would be for me.

Holding onto a piece of paper illustrating the hourly wages (which were not a lot) and the overtime pay (also not a lot) in one hand, while holding onto my arm with the other, she said it’s a fun environment and I would learn many things and it’d be a good way to occupy my time. In my mind, I was thinking I didn’t know I look so relaxed and unburdened by work stress. Or maybe I look jobless? Or in need of a distraction?

She added that if I join the company, I could easily rise up the career ladder to become a store manager of McDonald’s within one year, because I am young, plus I can read and write. She then gestured to her store manager who was standing nearby pitching to some middle-aged housewives, saying that she had learned the ropes and climbed up the ranks within a short time, so I shouldn’t be afraid to try the job out, because I look like I can achieve anything. Should I be flattered? Hahaha!

She then looked at me so earnestly that I nearly wanted to put my name down on her list to help her meet her target. She tried sweetening the deal by saying I could just put my name down on the list first and decline to come for the interview later. But I resisted, despite my overwhelming desire to help, because I know I shouldn’t waste anyone’s time if I’m not interested. Ahem. So take note, young job seekers out there.

I have to admit though, I’m keen to find out how McDonald’s recruits and selects its staff. So one day, I might just walk in to the restaurant to apply for a job to test its processes on fairness and effectiveness. So erm… Watch out! I might just “photobomb” your recruitment someday!


Cheer up, it’s only Monday


Every time I see this picture, I go “Awwwwww” because I’m reminded of how Milo was when he first came into our lives. He looked exactly like this puppy in the picture with his really long slender body, big floppy ears and wagging tail. He was long, dark and deceptively handsome if you see him IRL. He’s not good-looking in a conventional way, but he has a certain innate charm that I think all puppies have. Must be those puppy eyes.

Every time Milo the puppy pounced on anyone of us joyfully, we’d get a dose of happiness, no matter what mood we were in. If there is one thing I wish I had done more of, it’d be to carry him in my arms more often and let him sleep with my parents or me from the beginning, instead of being left alone in a cage in a darkened living room. Should have never listened to those so-called pet-shop owners or dog trainers!

I also wish I had a better camera phone then. Then we’d have many clearer pictures of him, instead of the dark fuzzy ones that no one can decipher. Haha!

So, happy Monday to y’all. Remember, seeing pictures of adorable cats and dogs has been scientifically proven to brighten up your day and make you more productive. Go on, start browsing now.


Play well; leg godt


Play well, my favourite dog form in the whole wide world (and some say the universe or even the galaxy)!

This is the most recent photo I have of you, which is obviously not recent at all since it was sent to me months ago. Maybe you have become chubbier than usual, but your ridiculously well-defined handsome features are still handsome?

You’re approximately three years old now—an adult in human years and still so naughty (or cowardly), I’d bet your mummy would say. But again, it’s just my assumption, because I’ve absolutely no idea if you are keeping well, if your skin has healed, if you’re still sensitive to strangers, if you still hate everyone else but your family and human form *chios*, if you’re still afraid of thunder and loud noises, if you still refuses to go out beyond your house’s corridor…

Well, I miss you so so so so much, my handsome dog form. Seeing your smiley happy face makes my eyes tear for some reason. Sometimes I wonder if you would still recall my face and reminisce what an awesome human form I was. Remember how we were so alike in so many ways that it was incredibly unbelievable? I used to tell your mummy I get how you feel and think, because I am you. Haha.

I wish I was there at your birthday party which is probably filled with lots of presents and treats for you. Haha. I wish you had met Milo (your mummy’s dog form) more often, instead of having Didi the weird sheepdog crash our gathering. I wish I had given you the longest, tightest bear hug ever the last time we met if I had known I would never see you again.

But most of all, my dear Lego Alejandro Lee, I wish for you to be happy and healthy always. *squishes your tiny happy face passionately*

det bedste er ikke for godt

The best is never too good for you, my beloved dog form. XOXO

P/S: I did a search for you on my blog and guess what? Here are a few posts that I’ve specially wrote for or mentioned you in: Little Lego, Sputnik Dog, Saving The Best, Lego Turns One, Choco Baby. Enjoy.


The Queen’s corgis


I met a very adorable corgi last night on my way home. Her name is Piper and she is 11 years old. When I crouched down to pat her, she immediately ‘surrendered’ herself to me. Haha!

Piper snuggled up to me and let me scratched her ears, ruffled her fur and pinched her cheeks. She has the softest, fluffiest and thickest fur ever! She has dark gold coat and even white markings, which made her features look very symmetrical. And her eyes were dark and sparkly. You couldn’t tell that she is in her old age now. In other words, she is a very pretty dog, even though she looks extremely overweight.

Piper’s owner laughed and said her dog must really like me because she hardly does that to anyone. “She usually barks at people and strangers. You must have a very kind heart. Piper is very smart. She only likes people who are nice and good. She can usually tell when someone is not nice.”

I beamed as brightly as like the lamppost nearby. Ha!

Piper trotted even closer to me and lay flat on her side, so I could scratch her belly and sayang her non-stop. And she didn’t even try to bite me, unlike my dog at home. It was such a warm endearing and memorable experience. Hugging her felt like hugging a nice warm thick but short fluffy pillow.

I love meeting Piper so much that I googled about corgis today. The most famous ones belong to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. They are so cute! Watch the video below!

Now I want to train Milo to do tummy rolls too!

The Queen’s corgis greeted James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, as he arrived at the palace to accept a mission in a video filmed for the curtain-raiser to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Their names are Monty, Willow and Holly. Sadly, Monty passed away over the summer, according to Daily Beast. 😦

Let’s hope Monty is in a good place now. And that I’ll see Piper soon!


Long lost cousin


I never thought I’d find someone familiar thousands of miles away from home. And yet there it was, a golden cream dog hanging out nonchalantly at a bustling street in an Asian city.

It looked like it could be someone’s long lost brother or cousin or distant relative.

We used to say that not every stray mongrel dog would be lucky enough to have a luscious golden, cream fur coat, good-looking sharp features and proportionate markings on its face.

So this dog is one of the lucky few. Maybe it should start an exclusive club. I can picture someone’s enthusiastic wagging bushy tail already.


Lego turns one


This photo was taken on the day we officially met for the first time.

The first time I laid my eyes on you, you were almost four or five months old. You took an immediate liking to me. You made the first move to come make friends with me. You were brave even though you have never seen me before in your young life. Your tail wagged so enthusiastically whenever I patted your head or kissed your forehead.

When I said “hand” to you, you’d immediately lift your paw up and place it gently on my outstretched hand. I kept repeating the command and you willingly entertained me that night.

You kept close to me the entire time I was at your place, urging me to play or simply to sit quietly at my side.

Everyone was surprised at how comfortable you were and still are with me. I laughed and said, “That’s because you’re my dog form and I’m your human form. We are connected somehow.”

The truth is I felt like I have known you even before I met you. And maybe somehow, you felt the same way.

Yes, I have known you ever since you were born and found on a grass field somewhere in the Western part of the city.

Your owner would always update me about you, your quirks, your likes and dislikes and the adorable things you would do on a daily basis. She would send me photos capturing you in the moment. So in a way, I have watched you grown from a tiny, chubby, furry pup to the lean, sleek, large dog you are today.

You were less than five days old when your owner and I went to the pet store to buy milk powder and baby bottles for you. We then sat in a cafe near your home and spent the entire evening brainstorming for the right name for you. You were fondly addressed as “Gou Gou” – Mandarin for dog – at home for the time being. It was ok but we thought there could be something more official so we came out with many inspired suggestions but none seemed right.

Until I revealed one of my favourite character’s name from Lord of the Rings. He was a good-looking elf who had luscious long blond hair and excellent arrow shooting skills. I still go “woah” when I recall the scene where he nimbly swung up a running horse from its front in the second movie of the trilogy. Yes, Legolas. You were named after someone who made millions of girls and fanboys swoon.

When your owner heard the name for the first time, I could see her picturing herself calling you Legolas out loud. She mouthed the name a few times silently and said she liked the sound of it. You should know the other option she had was “Xiao Gou”, Mandarin for small dog.

On hindsight, Lego, you were given the perfect name. The one-year-old you today have blond fur and two distinctive brown soft ears. I always tell your owner jokingly that your ears look like those kangaroo skin souvenir key chains. And once a while, you do have strangers coming up to gush over how cute you are.

And for a little extra titbit, Lego is also derived from the Danish phrase, leg godt, which means “play well”.

And because you were born during the World Cup fever with the eventual champions hailing from Spain and your owner’s favourite tune then was “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga, she decided to include that as your middle name. You were given aristocracy even at a young age.

These days, you’re also sporting a collar, which according to your owner and her sister, makes you look “rather man”.

Even though I don’t see you as often as I want to, I think about you often enough.

I went to the pet store today because I know it’s your birthday.

I know I should have gotten you a toy because that is more lasting but I got you some gourmet duck mixed with cod fish and sweet potatoes instead. It does not look pretty even though it sounds fancy but I heard from my co-workers that this is a healthy snack for dogs and I know you haven’t had a chance to taste duck meat yet.

Then again, your owner may have been secretly feeding bits of her dinner and you know how she loves eating roast duck. Which was also another reason I wanted you to try duck. Maybe you’d be just like your owner.

I don’t know if I will ever see you again, but I will post my simple gift to you before it expires.

Your presence has brought so much joy to your family and the amount of love they have shown you always amazes me because everything they do proves that you have unwittingly become the main star in their lives within such a short span of time. You are now truly part of the family.

And because I love her, I love you with equal measure and unconditionally as well.

I have never cleaned up after a dog my entire life but I willingly do it for you. I have started watching shows on dogs so I could understand (and train) you better. I am conscious about your well-being and I always try to include you in our plans like going for walks or picnics. Whenever you were naughty and made her angry, I’d try to explain your behaviour and defend your innocence because that’s what a good human form does.

In return, you have shown me unconditional love, affection and enthusiasm. I miss squashing your tiny face passionately while putting my face really close to your face and rubbing your chest fur.

Happy birthday, Lego. You’re the best dog form a human could ever have.


Little Lego

I spent a beautiful evening watching her build little Lego out of tiny Lego bricks that were specially bought from Hokkaido, Japan. It was part of my birthday goodie bag and I love that she enjoyed studying the instruction manual intently and sorting the coloured bricks one tiny stack at a time. They were freakishly tiny!! I was asked to time her and she clocked somewhere under 45 minutes once she fixed the last brick in.

We even had time to decide on the colour of Lego’s nose and add some festive colour to his paws since it was nearing Christmas.

We gave little Lego bigger brown ears and a longer wagging tail because that’s how Lego looks like IRL (in real life). There are even some mock dry kibbles in his food bowl.

It was a great day for toys in so many different ways.

Definitely not drawn to scale.


That doggie in the window

So really, I’ve been hearing that song since oh I don’t know when I was young and still, no one has ever told me how much was that doggie in the window. The song just goes on and on. Bit annoying really.

But if you happen to know the price tag of the dog, please let me know. After all, that poor dog has been in that window display for ages. Surely, its value has depreciated over time, no? Maybe I can finally get a pet dog for cheap.

Anyway, sleep is becoming a distant memory for me these days, what with the intense amount of words I have to churn out within a short period of time. Oh, the need for coherent and sensible writing when you are hardly awake enough to type is excruciating. Yes, I know it’s partly my fault because I have been so lazy but criticising me now won’t do anyone any good, innit.

I will of course attempt to finally complete the last few hundred words of the feature now, instead of getting distracted by the delights the wondrous Internet has to offer. Talk later.