I’m not saying I hate you


In fact, I’d even get the best seat in the house to watch you BURN. You get the drift…

My friend said I should just ditch idiots who make me unhappy, because life is too short to spend so much time being angry and miserable. Utter truth!

I had three conversations with three different people today and they all said the same things. The gist of our highly intelligent, wise and mature debate (well, it was more of me ranting non-stop while they listened and gave me advice) is that we don’t need unnecessary drama in our lives.

If people choose to be selfish and childish, then there is absolutely no reason why we should indulge them further. We should let them go and cut them loose forever to allow ourselves to grow and be better than them. We shouldn’t even stoop to their level because we are way above them and they are simply basic bitches that deserve the worse things in life.

Plus, I had been stewing in anger for the past six hours, while those idiots were probably enjoying their lives and ignoring my existence. See, how unfair this is? Because of my foolish anger, I let my productivity slide when I could have done so many things during those lost hours. This is why harbouring anger never pays off.

Today’s event also teaches me a lesson. It is that I can be very vindictive and behave very rashly whenever I get angry. I let my emotions take over and become very unreasonable. This is extremely unhealthy and I’ll most likely get a brain aneurism if I continue to let unhappy thoughts flood my mind. So I need to chill the fuck out and let things go already!

Conclusion: I need to change my mindset and behaviour towards people who do not deserve my respect, because my health deserves my utmost attention and I, more than anyone else, deserve to be happy!


A kiss between two cute girls


These two girls are so incredibly cute together. I so want to see them together forever. Yes, even though they are just high-school kids who are probably susceptible to mood swings/fickleness/indecisiveness about love and their partners and have yet to enter the real adult world, Glee’s Santana and Brittany are the cutest ‘Lebanese’ couple in TV-land and I just can’t get enough of them. They give me so much hope. Seeing them make out is alluringly hot as well. Ahem.

Here’s a little heartfelt moment of how deep their love runs for each other and why they are meant to be together no matter what from Glee season 2, episode 15 “Sexy”:

Santana: I wanna be with you, but I’m afraid of the talks and the looks. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school.

Brittany: But honey, if anybody were to ever make fun of you, you would either kick their ass or slash them with your vicious, vicious words.

Santana: Yeah, I know, but I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. Still, I have to accept that I love you. I love you and I don’t want to be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. Please.

Brittany: Of course, I love you. I do. And I would totally be with you if it weren’t for Artie.

Santana: Artie.

Brittany: I love him too. I don’t wanna to hurt him. That’s not right. I can’t break up with him.

Santana: Yes, you can. He’s just a stupid boy.

Brittany: But it wouldn’t be right, Santana. You have to know if Artie and I were to ever break up, and [if] I’m lucky enough and you’re still single…

Santana: Don’t.

Brittany: I am so yours. Proudly so.

So hot. Right?

They are each other’s best friend and they understand each other better than anyone else do. I love how they are always together, always holding hands, cuddling, glancing at each other with a knowing smile and showing little signs of affection with each other.

Brittany even told Santana that she loves her more than she has loved anyone else in the whole world. And she is a very supportive girlfriend who would always try to help Santana achieve her dreams in her naive, slightly airhead way.

Santana, on her part, would defend Brittany to the hilt whenever anyone tried to criticise or bully her. She also turns gentle whenever they are together. Santana told Brittany that in her sophomore year she would sit at the back of the choir room and secretly watch Brittany. She would count the number of times Brittany smiled at her and died at the days she didn’t. How sweet huh?


Brittany: Someday, I’m gonna marry Santana.
Santana: *smiles*


They look so sweet together—a perfect combination of sexy, wild and cute at the same time. And I love how their friends are so supportive of them.

I especially love the part when Brittany pulled Santana’s arm out of her jacket, just so she could hold her hand. It just seems so natural and genuine. Swoons.

How incredibly hot if they were to be together IRL?! I might just faint.

Here’s a compilation YouTube video of their best moments together:

Here’s an even better compilation video of the trials and tribulations Santana and Brittany had to go through to be better: http://youtu.be/tSEr4ch4Pi0

Wow, okay, I have to stop now, before my crush for Brittana/Santittany turns obsessive. Then again, there will always be more obsessive fans than me on the Internet. So I’m safe. Hahaha!

Image credits: Santana and Brittany celebrate Valentine’s Day, Santana and Brittany making out and Santana and Brittany share a kiss.


Silly Lardee


Silly Lardee’s sad face was SHO cute that I thought how could anyone, especially ickle, bear to have alone time away from chubby Lardee?! If I were ickle, I’d spend all my time with Lardee. We’d play, read books, eat snacks and have fun together all the time!

Agree? For some reason, this story made me miss the times when we’d read about Lardee and ickle and laugh at how adorable they are and how you were like the prim and proper ickle who keeps rolling eyes at naughty, silly Lardee who is as duh as me.

In unrelated news, Lunar New Year is next week and I haven’t actually spring-cleaned and finished decluttering my room. So far, I’ve only thrown old bills and organised my insurance and income tax statements and changed my bedsheets.

Here are the remaining chores I have to do over the next six days:

Wash the curtains;
Clean the fan and windows;
Pack my wardrobe and clear out old /unused clothes;
Clear (or hide) the books, magazines and notes scattered on the floor and in the shelf;
Throw out the bags I no longer use;
Pack the stuff under the bed.

Doesn’t sound unmanageable, right? Wish me luck!


Love life your way


The headline “Love life your way” is a quote printed on this T-shirt I bought ages ago and Sunday was the second time I wore it. I truly believe in the message. How else can you be yourself and behave as who you truly are, without compromising your values and your personal happiness? Hard, right?

Do the things that make you happy, be spontaneous, stay calm, enjoy the little things, and you’d be naturally be full of joy. It’s as easy as that.

I love my life so much that I feel a need to brag share my joy with you. Ha! Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable ones I had this year, and I can’t wait for the upcoming one!

Last Friday, I went to this fancy club with my friends and we blew $3,000 on six bottles of Jaegermeister and whiskey, martinis, beers, cocktails and mixers. We danced on the platform in full sight of everyone in the very crowded club, and took silly pictures at the photo booth. It was so fun, but tiring. My legs were aching when I finally made my way home at 3am.

Five hours later, I was up and about, rushing to pack for our exciting day at the theme park. Planned at the last minute, it was amazing how spontaneous my friends and I are. We even had time for a leisure breakfast, before strolling to the theme park as though we had all the time in the world. And fact of the matter is, we always have time as it’s how we perceive urgency.

We had such a wonderful Saturday that I am so glad I decided to go. The weather was perfect. The forecast had said there would be showers, but the skies were clear the entire time (a bit too clear for our liking because the sun was scorching). Everywhere we went, it was always the right timing or there was a short queue so we never had to wait long for a ride. We took the scary rollercoaster rides, the 3D rides, plus the many kiddie rides, and we absolutely love every single moment.

We were so relaxed that we could stay till 9pm, with no hints of fatigue. We then saw a wonderful display of fireworks, took more silly photos at the souvenir shops, and had a delicious meal of ramen (I had such a fun time that I almost didn’t want it to end). Yet, there is so much to look forward too!

Then I met another group of friends for drinks at a cozy bar. With our favourite chilled ciders on ice in our hands, we were laughing, and chatting non-stop until it was time for the bar to shut. What a great way to spend Saturday!

The next day, the supporters of the arts, aka my friends and I, had a lovely time at the theatre. We were dressed hip and funky, and we were bowled over by the quality of the musical presented. The cabaret dancers were so stunningly decked out, the sets were elaborate and the actors were in such top form that I am so glad we decided to buy tickets for this! It was really worth every penny!

Then it was dinner at an old school themed food court. We ordered a feast and proceeded to eat like kings. Wish you were there with me? Haha!

After the sumptuous dinner, I headed off to meet another friend for the allegedly legendary The Stone Roses! I think I’m a psychedelic rock fan now.

So that’s it, my weekends are full and packed to the brim with arts, culture, food and loads of fun! I really can’t wait for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I have big plans ahead.

What about you? What did you do and what are you planning for? 🙂


The meaning of true love


My heart melted when I saw this photo. And that made me realise I’m such an idealist at times. I genuinely believe in true love, in having a significant other, in finding The One, in committing to a partner for life, in making plans together for our future, in staying with each other through thick and thin until the end of time.

It’s also hard not to believe in true love when I see examples of it in my friends IRL. I know two happy friends who can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives with their other halves. One of whom has even made a commitment in the form of a diamond ring (no less).

When I see the twinkle in their eyes and how they look at each other and how their hands would intertwine when one of them speaks, I can’t help but feel happy for the couple and yet a slight twinge of sadness (maybe even a little envy). Because I want what they have—knowing that someone would always be there for me, having someone to come home to, and most of all, loving and being loved by someone.

It sounds so darn simple, isn’t it?

My friends—the recently engaged happy couple (I’ve seen the ring and it’s gorgeous)—are prepared and excited to spend the rest of their lives together. They are gay, by the way, but they don’t believe in having a paper certificate to prove their love for one another or to anyone.

One said: “Is the paper really important when straight people are still divorcing? If someone wants to leave or break up with you, a cert won’t stop them.

“If we really wanted a certificate, we can always fly overseas and get one. It’s not that difficult.

“The ring is a symbol of our long-term commitment to each other. It makes a difference to how we see each other from now.”

Now they can consider themselves married without an actual marriage. “We don’t need a ceremony, a certificate or the government (or even the church) to tell us ‘we are married’ … As long as I consider her my partner and she considers me hers.”

Both of them never expect to see each other three years ago in a different light after being friends for close to a decade. And they never thought they’d be together in a relationship within a few months after meeting each other for coffee one night. And they never thought they’d settle down and be excited to start a life together. They never thought they’d find the one but they did.

And in doing so, they have inspired the people, including me, around them. Aren’t you?

It’s true, you know. There is true love out there for everyone and the universe knows how to send you The One when you’re mentally and emotionally ready.

And when the right one for you comes along, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you look and behave, this person will still think you are awesome and they are so lucky to have found you and you’d mean the world to them. Because this person will love you for exactly who you are. And the strangest part is you’d feel exactly the same way about them. That’s when you’d know it’s true love. 🙂


Sunset boulevard


Yesterday evening, I stepped out of my house, deeply immersed in choosing the next song on my playlist, just like any regular day. As I walked along the pathway towards the direction of my destination, I looked up and what I saw made me paused. The sky was covered with a pink glossy hue with streaks of blue and speckles of gold.

From where I stood, the view (pictured above) was breathtaking. And I spent the next few minutes, thinking how fortunate I was to be there at the right time to appreciate the beauty.

It also made me realised it was the first time in a long while that I finally saw a sunset again. I have been so busy lately with work and school that I haven’t taken time out to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Perhaps this was the universe’s way of reminding me to stop more often (and take a picture of the sunset and blog about it). As I spent the next few quiet moments walking on, I caught myself smiling.

It had been a good day. I made someone’s day because I surprised her with a little gift sent via snail mail. When she emailed and texted me to thank and tell me how happy she was, I kept grinning non-stop. Cheering someone up really does make you happy as well.

When I met up with my mates at our regular haunt later that night, it was a friend’s birthday and it was amazing how spontaneous how everyone was. When the cake arrived, we started clapping boisterously and singing “Happy Birthday” really REALLY LOUDLY and out of tune with one another. At a crowded cafe. Where there were living people present.

And we repeated that not once or twice but FIVE frigging times. Yes, we sang “Happy Birthday” six times in different languages. Someone even played the tune on a virtual piano on his iPad. The birthday girl sang along despite having so much difficulty trying not to faint from embarrassment. Another friend performed a solo in such a dramatic fashion (thrice) that we couldn’t from shaking from laughter.

And we kept laughing and laughing and laughing. I nearly keeled over from laughing so much. It was such an enjoyable night out that we went home later than expected and yet it was all worth it.

As I walked home that night, I couldn’t stop smiling. It had been such a great day.